Moment brazen Scots tool thief robs work van of £1,200 equipment in broad daylight

THIS is the shocking moment a brazen Scots tool thief robs £1,200 of equipment from a work van in broad daylight.

Rachael Inkster launched an appeal in an effort to help identify the bloke and have the tool returned, sharing CCTV footage of the theft in Dalkeith, Midlothian on Monday.

The camera captures everything as the man boldly opens the side door of the van, before grabbing a Stihl cut-off saw and water tank from inside it and hurrying back to his motor for a quick getaway,

The full video shows a grey Volkswagen pulling up haphazardly behind the vacant Mercedes work van.

The bold man committed his crime in broad day light as people and cars passed by.

The thief, dressed in dark trousers and a blue hoodie, then hops out and begins surveying the area, leaning in the driver’s window of the car to speak with an unseen accomplice.

He repeatedly casts shifty looks over both shoulders as vehicles drive past, apparently waiting for his opportunity to strike.

With the coast finally clear, bar one unaware pedestrian on the other side of the van, the man opens the rear door of the Volkswagen and hurries over to the van.

Accessing the inside of the van easily through the side door of the vehicle, the thief grabs hold of the large, powered saw and a water pump attached to it and runs back to his getaway vehicle.

He places the expensive tool into the back of his vehicle just as a white car comes along the road, almost catching him in the act.

With his heist complete, the thief then proceeds to climb into the back seat of the car with the stolen equipment before his getaway driver races off down the street.

The footage was shared to social media on Monday by Rachael with the caption: “Hoping someone could help identify this thief.

“He stole a £1,200 tool out this white van in Woodburn Park. Just want the tool back and will leave it. £200 for any info. Send me a message with any details and I will pass them on, thank you.”

It has since received dozens of likes and comments from social media users infuriated by the brazen thief’s actions.

One user said, “I swear I know his face. What did he steal? Sthil saw and water pump?”, which Rachael later confirmed to be correct.

Another added: “Well at least the police will have the reg, so brazen”

A third replied: “Hope you get it back.”

A fourth suggested: “The DVLA will give you info, you have reg of the car.”

Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.