Shocking moment brazen bloke is spotted running against traffic along busy Scots motorway

A SHOCKING video captures the moment a brazen bloke was spotted running against the flow of traffic on a busy Scots motorway.

Caught on the dashcam of a passing motorist last Wednesday, the man was seen dangerously jogging in the lashing rain at the top of a slip road onto the Kingston Bridge.

The daft man, who was spotted carrying a shopping bag, was barely visible in the gloomy, overcast weather conditions, causing the filming vehicle to swerve and avoid him as it merged onto the M8.

The video shows the motorist rounding a corner and advancing up a gradual inclined slip road to join the busy motorway above.

The bold man appears to have crossed the motorway on foot.
The bold man appears to have crossed the motorway on foot.

As they approach the crest of the hill, the silhouette of a man can barely be seen ambling along the emergency lane.

The bloke and his features can barely be made out thanks to the dull, grey weather in combination with his entirely dark clothing.

He appears to be jogging slowly along, carrying a clear plastic bag whose contents are unknown as he makes his bold journey.

With barely any room on the side of the slip road, the driver of the car is forced to shift over to avoid hitting the unidentified man.

Running along in a tight space the brazen man appears unbothered by the cars flying by him and advances onwards down the slip road unscathed despite his daring jog on the 50mph road.

The footage was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “Kingston Bridge runner. Last week, maniac out for a jog on the bridge. Standard issue poly bag in hand.”

The clip has since received dozens of likes and comments from social media users stunned by the death-wish jogger’s journey.

One user said: “That’s one Strava segment I’m not a***d about capturing.”

Another added: “I’ve seen a guy up here, delivery driver on a bike clutching it standing still at the railing he’s jogging at.”

A third joked: “Someone’s da (sic) away for smokes.”

A fourth replied: “KOM (King of the Motorway)”

This isn’t the first time an unusual commuter has been spotted on the Kingston Bridge, after a dopey Just Eat deliveryman was seen cycling along the stretch of road last month.