Moment oblivious bloke gets out of car to check parking – only for stranger to climb in and lock the doors

THIS is the moment an oblivious bloke gets out of his car to check his parking – only for a stranger to climb in and lock the doors.

The unidentified man was spotted struggling to get his silver Toyota into a parking space in Dublin, Ireland yesterday, reversing and realigning himself several times.

Eventually he climbs out to remove a piece of debris from under his wheel, leading to a nearby yob seizing his moment to jump into the driver’s seat and lock the door.

The video, filmed by an anonymous stranger in a van, shows the driver repeatedly shuffling back and forth in his motor in an attempt to get into the space.

A group of young men can be seen hanging around nearby, zipping around the street on electric scooters as the cameraman’s off-screen pal can be heard saying: “Oh my God. Get that recording.”

He continues to commentate on the driver’s parking attempts before the motorist can be seen hopping out to investigate an item that is stuck under his wheel – leaving his door open in the process.

Whilst he is preoccupied with the debris, one of the blokes that was previously on an electric scooter can be seen running into frame and jumping into the poor motorist’s front seat.

He quickly closes and locks the doors with the driver still totally unaware until he tries to open his door and notices the stranger inside.

The pair in the van are left in stitches as the driver is forced to open the rear door and lean through to unlock the front door.

However, before he can open the front door, the cheeky bloke inside quickly locks it again, causing the car’s owner to angrily open the rear door again and get into an unheard argument with the man inside.

He then flings the front door open and furiously demands that the man get out his car, with the cheeky chap inside backing away from him and into the passenger seat.

His pal on the electric scooter circles back to watch his friend in amusement, who quickly unlocks the passenger door and hops out right as the driver reaches in to grab him.

He then sprints away, following his friend on the scooter as the driver angrily begins to pursue them – but quickly gives up.

The clip was posted to social media yesterday with the caption: “you never know what you’ll see in Dublin.”

It has since received over 1,200 likes and dozens of comments from otherwise unimpressed users.

One user said: “The fact people fund this amusing just goes to show what a dump Dublin is.”

Another claimed: “In the morning you try to steal someone’s car, in the evening you visit ‘enough is enough’ anti-immigrants protest.”

A third said: “This is why there are no decent men out there. Sitting safely in their car, sniggering away like p*s.

“Why didn’t they get out, it could have turned really nasty when the other kid on the scooter showed up.”