“More like cage fighting”: Shocking video shows moment game of five-a-side footy descends into chaotic scrap

A SHOCKING video shows the moment that a simple game of five-a-side descends into chaos as players become embroiled in a furious exchange of fists.

Jacob Ainscough was on the adjacent pitch at Woodley Goals in Reading, Berkshire when players from the two teams in the neighbouring cage let loose at one another.

The beautiful game turned ugly as the players, who had been participating in a night league, went at it in a fiery half-a-minute fight before eventually being separated.

Jacob films with his view hampered by the cage structure which separates the pitches as the video shows the brawl between the two teams.

Tensions run high between a team dressed in green and another group in white as an official can be heard yelling at the group to disperse before things escalate any further.

Many of the men rush to the top corner of the pitch where two of the footballers are refusing to let go of each other, and punches soon begin raining down on a man’s head.

His teammates sprint over causing the scuffle to develop further with multiple individual fights breaking off in the cage.

The referee can be heard screaming, repeating: “Relax yourselves.”

However, nobody seems to take heed of his advice as a man wearing a blue tracksuit jacket is viciously rammed into the cage by a player from the green team.

Jacob can be heard behind the camera offering advice, stating: “Allow it, this is five-a-side football.”

Friends and family of the two teams can be seen getting involved as a blonde-haired woman wearing a brown hat and jacket bravely puts herself between the two men as the clip ends.

The clip was shared to social media last night where it received over 4,000 likes with hundreds of comments from confused viewers.

One user said: “Literally the reason fives is dead, just play football man.”

Another added: “Honestly why I stopped playing five-a-side a long time ago, it’s more like cage fighting than football, getting injured too much.”

A third replied: “They trying to hug for warmth?”

Another commented: “Why I stopped, some people just want to play the game.”