Sam Heughan leaves fans in stitches after attempting to teach popstar Kelly Clarkson a Scots phrase

SAM Heughan left fans in stitches after attempting to teach popstar and talk show host Kelly Clarkson a Scottish phrase – without much success.

Heughan appeared on Clarkson’s self-titled talk show in the USA yesterday to promote his gin but was asked by the 41-year-old if he could teach her a few words after her UK tour left her baffled by the lingo.

The 43-year-old’s attempts appeared to go awry after the A Moment Like This singer hilariously failed to even understand what he was saying.

Hilarious footage shows Heughan, clad in a white t-shirt and a blue shirt, sitting on a sofa on-set alongside actress Jana Kramer as Clarkson poses the question.

Clarkson, from Fort Worth, Texas. asks Heughan: “Is there a confusing Scottish phrase?

“I had a guy who was one of the drivers when I went over there, touring. I was like, ‘Can you just teach me like a thing that y’all say?’”

Heughan appears intrigued by the question as Clarkson continues: “I couldn’t learn it because it was so damn difficult.

“So, can you teach me a Scottish phrase?”

Heughan awkwardly looks at the ground as he explains: “I mean, it’s probably because they speak too fast.”

He puts on a thick Scottish accent as he exemplifies a phrase: “Alright pal, how you doing?”

The American Idol winner hilariously appears lost for words as she fails to understand what Heughan has just said, asking him to repeat himself before fellow guest Kramer chimes in.

Engaged to Scots former footie player Allan Russell, Kramer appears more familiar with the Scottish language, appearing to confirm she has heard Heughan’s example correctly with: “You okay?”

She repeats this, only confusing Clarkson more as Heughan confirms she has heard him correctly as she explains: “I’m like yeah I’m good man, why are you asking me if I’m okay?”

Baffled Clarkson asks confusedly: “What did you just say right now?”

The camera cuts to Heughan as he breaks down the phrase: “All right, pal.”

Pictured: Outlander star Sam Heughan. (C) @kellyclarksonshow

The meaning finally dawns on Clarkson as she suddenly says: “Oh, alright. Oh, okay.”

Heughan explains: “Alright, pal. How you doing? It’s just really fast.”

Clarkson jests: “It sounded like one word.”

Kramer adds: “It’s the hardest accent to even try to replicate because whenever I try to sound like my fiancé, I either go Russian or…”

Clarkson and the audience laugh as Kramer adds: “He’s like, ‘I’m not Russian’ [and] I was like, ‘I know but that’s how it comes out.’”

They all laugh as Clarkson says: “I can’t do accents either. For some reason, I always end up Jamaican. I don’t know why. It’s so sad.”

She jokes with the audience, adding: “I’m not Meryl Streep, you know. She can just float through it.”

Clarkson took to social media yesterday to share the hilarious video, writing: “Could listen to this all day long.”

The clip received over 38,100 likes, and more than 140 comments from fans left in stitches by the conversation.

One person wrote: “Yeah. We do speak so fast. Some of us speak faster than others as well.”

Another said: “My cab driver in Scotland was trying to tell us to go to ‘tundarow’ for dinner. It was ‘Thunder Road.’”

A third commented: “So, Kelly is Joey Tribbiani [from TV show Friends] with the Jamaican.”

A fourth added: “The Scottish accent I can do is [Harry Potter’s] Oliver Wood-talk from Quidditch.”