Hilarious video shows moment passer-by steals the show during flash mob at Alton Towers

A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a passer-by steals the show after getting stuck in the middle of a flash mob at Alton Towers.

The anonymous woman had been spending the day at Alton Towers, Staffordshire, earlier this week when she was unwittingly surrounded by the Alton Towers Scare Fest flash mob.

The thrill-seeker was wearing a silver jacket which coincidentally matched the outfits worn by the flash mob allowing her to fit in seamlessly much to the amusement of onlookers.

The rib-tickling video begins with electronic dance music playing as a group of people dressed in silver garments and face paint surround her.

The Scare Fest characters include a woman dressed as a pirate, a woman dressed as a Georgian aristocrat, a man dressed as a hippie and a woman dressed as a rag doll.

The crowd can be heard gasping in delight as the group of dancers can be seen bending to the left, freezing their bodies and pretending to be puppets on a string.

The group parts to reveal the woman, who stands out due to her lack of costume, but laughs before joining in with the group’s choreography and bobbing with them to the left.

A black and white arrow points to the woman as on-screen text reads: “If you are this lady who got caught in the middle of the flash mob but played it so cool, please know we salute you because I would have died.”

The group then grin at each other as they notice that the woman has joined in.

They stand up straight again and begin bobbing up and down before turning altogether in different directions, in sync with the music.

The music begins to speed up as the dancers wave and disperse to different sides of the woman, who has somehow found herself slap-bang in the middle of the routine.

As the dancers continue their flawless choreography it seems that the public are left more impressed by the anonymous woman who has stolen the show.

The video was shared to social media earlier this week by TikTok user @em.m.22 with the caption: “If, by any chance, anyone sees this and knows her, then inform her she is a legend.”

The post received over 13,000 likes and dozens of comments from social media users left in stitches by the unusual video.

Pictured: The hilarious moment. (C) @em.m.22 from TikTok.

One person wrote: “She was born for this moment.”

Another said: “She became the main character.”

A third commented: “She’s got this. Member of the troupe now.”

Another added: “The fact her jacket actually matches.”

A fifth joked: “Meanwhile, kids at the side die of embarrassment.”

Alton Towers has been approached for comment.

A spokesperson for Alton Towers today said: “At Alton Towers Resort, we are passionate about creating first-class experiences for our guests.

“Our award-winning Scarefest event has lots of live entertainment and scare experiences for both families and thrillseekers alike.

“The Alton Ancestors are hugely popular with our guests for their thrilling dance routines, we love to see guests interacting with them and enjoying some spooktacular fun.”