Scots concertgoer left stunned after club allow only one drink at a time

A SCOTS concertgoer was left stunned by a club’s drink-buying rules after allegedly being told that he “couldn’t buy more than one drink at a time”.

The anonymous individual was at Cathouse Rock Club in Glasgow last night to see blues rocker Jared James Nichols.

Despite being 45-years-old and claiming that the average age of the crowd was “easily 50+”, the fan was left baffled by a policy wherein staff could only serve one drink per customer due to age concerns.

Cathouse rock club
The concertgoer was stunned after being told of the one-drink policy. Credit: Google Maps

The confused punter took to social media to question the policy, seeking to know if this was standard procedure of the popular club.

Taking to social media yesterday the music fan was left feeling the blues, captioning his post: “The Cathouse – one drink rule?”

The individual then went on to explain in greater detail exactly what was happening, alleging that the club have implemented the policy to avoid underage drinking.

The Scot decided to vent his frustration at the policy, writing: “Despite spending 45 years on this planet, tonight is the first time I’ve ever been to the Cathouse despite being a rock music fan.

“We were there tonight for a gig and imagine my absolute f***ing surprise when I couldn’t buy more than one drink at a time unless the other people who the drinks were for were there at the bar with me.

“This seems like absolute madness, one of the bar staff made some excuses about underage drinkers but that should be the bouncers’ problem to solve.

“Is this normal for in there [Cathouse]? Bearing in mind this was a blues rock gig where the average age was 50+.

“This rule feels like a place that’s on its last warning with the licencing board.”

The anonymous poster added in a further comment: “It was a Jared James Nichols gig. Full of old men like me.

“Average age was easily 40+. Anyone younger stood out like a sore thumb. Think I saw maybe 3 people barely younger than me (45)

“I’ve been going to gigs in Glasgow since 1990. Not once have I ever experienced this.”

However, social media users were quick to comment to inform the attendee that other clubs around Glasgow also have this policy in place to avoid underage drinking.

One said: “Happens all the time at gigs and has done since at least the 2010s, most gigs are 14+, doesn’t happen on regular nights/events.”

Another added: “[I] had this happen at a gig at the Garage recently as well, so it’s not just The Cathouse.”

A third replied: “Same rule at SWG3 last week, guy next to me was told he couldn’t buy a drink for his friends who were stood with him, I said I’d just bought four pints and the guy asked who served me.

“Don’t know if it’s a condition of their licence.”

Another responded: “They let me buy another drink if the other person is with you. It’s because the gig I was at was over-14s. Probably had folk buying booze for the youth.”

The Cathouse has been Scotland’s premier and original rock club since opening its doors for the first time in 1990.