Scots footie legend Ally McCoist left stunned after co-host reveals love of GRAVY on fish and chips

SCOTS footie legend Ally McCoist was left stunned after his co-presenter revealed his preferred condiment for fish and chips was gravy.

The legendary Rangers striker was presenting his talkSPORT Breakfast show with Andy Townsend yesterday when the latter made the revelation.

McCoist knocked back the claim when Townsend told of how it was another famed Rangers legend who got him onto gravy.

Scotland legend McCoist couldn’t believe what Townsend had with his chips. Credit: TalkSport

Townsend, 60, who played for Aston Villa during his Premier League career, revealed that it was Paul Gascoigne that first introduced him to the idea.

Video begins with Townsend sitting across from McCoist in the talkSPORT studio and posing his pal a question.

The 70-capped Republic of Ireland midfielder asks McCoist: “Up in Scotland do you have gravy on your chips when you have fish and chips?”

Super Ally quickly dismisses the question, pursing his lips before replying: “Nope, no chance.”

Townsend continues, explaining: “See they don’t really have gravy down here in London, I don’t think.

“As we travel up the country, up and down the country, at some point people start having gravy on their chips.

“I’ve got to say I’d never had it until I went to Middlesborough, and it was spectacular.”

This revelation leaves 61-year-old McCoist aghast as he leans into his mic unable to muster much of a reply, saying: “No.”

Former ITV pundit Townsend begins his defence of the much-loved sauce stating: “It’s amazing.”

However, 61-times capped McCoist interjects his pal’s speech asking: “Gravy?”

Townsend continues his monologue about the snack, saying: “Gravy mate, honestly, and I’m trying to find out, I want to know where that stops and where that starts.”

This leaves McCoist utterly bemused as he begins to list flavours, trying to work out which is the option best put on chippy chips.

The 61-year-old remarks: “You can get a chicken gravy, a beef gravy, what?”

Townsend explains: “It was more of a beef gravy on your chips and on your fish and chips, Ally.”

This proves a step too far for TNT Sports pundit McCoist who is unequivocal with his response, saying: “No, that is unacceptable, gamechanger.”

Not wanting to be blamed for the debate, Townsend quickly tells who introduced him to the culinary cuisine.

He says: “Gascoigne got me into it.”

McCoist, still unwilling to get aboard the gravy train, isn’t surprised by the revelation, stating: “Well, there you are -“

Townsend interjects to tell McCoist the story of his first time, saying: “He went in and got some [fish and chips] one night and said here I’ve got you some fish and chips and I said, ‘aww Gaz it’s smothered in gravy’.

“I started eating it and I thought it was sensationally good – it’s brilliant.”

The video received over 11,000 likes with thousands of comments from social media users who were left debating the place of the condiment in a fish supper.

One said: “We have gravy on our fish and chips in Liverpool.”

Another added: “We have gravy with everything in Manchester.”

A third replied: “Why are they so baffled? It’s top tier.”

Another responded: “Chips and gravy is elite.”

A fifth commented: “Ooo Northern boys love gravy.”

Ally McCoist will be hoping that his next talking point involves what food Scotland fans could enjoy at next year’s Euros with Scotland requiring just a point against Spain to qualify tonight.