Scots grinch shares one star review of ‘tacky, rip-off’ Christmas market

A SCOTS grinch has left a scathing review after visiting the Edinburgh Christmas market earlier this month and being left unhappy at the ‘Christmas commercialism’.

The review left by a woman named Caroline stated how she loved Edinburgh but loathed the way the city’s Princes Street buckles to the festive event.

Pictured: The Edinburgh Christmas Market. (C) Anna Gouw from Google Maps.

The Scots mum claims her own children were left frightened of the large queues which swarmed around the festive village.

Her review has since garnered attention online as social media users were left questioning her Christmas comments and concerns.

Caroline had taken to the Christmas markets over the weekend but was left fuming at her trip ranking the experience a paltry one star out of five.

The 45-year-old tore the capital’s festive market to pieces lambasting the ‘dreadful rip off’ and the cost of the sky flyer ride which she alleges cost £48 for a 90 second ride.

Her review written and shared online yesterday reads: “Now, I adore Edinburgh, but when we visited the Christmas Market on Saturday I was horrified.

“Yes, the lights do look pretty but it’s now a completely commercial, tacky, utterly heaving rip-off.

“Edinburgh Council always manage to make terrible decisions, but this year they have decided to enforce the world’s slowest conga with zero personal space along what must amount to half a km.

“The shuffling along was beyond painful, tourists stopping for a zillion photos all the way but you can’t get past any of them.

“Woe betide you if you’ve arranged to meet a friend – it takes 10-15 minutes to walk down to market street and then zig zag all the way.

“If you are in anyway impatient like me, it is brutal.

“Then you reach the market, it is queue, queue, queue and each place a dreadful rip off, it’s £48 for a family of 4 to go on the Sky Flyer ride which lasts oh about 1.5 minutes if you’re lucky.

“Pop next door and four hot chocolates will set you back another nearly £20 – it might have been the worst two hours of my life in recent years.

The review
Pictured: The scathing review. (C) Trip Advisor

“My children were also frightened by all the pushing and shoving and fed up after queuing nearly 20 minutes for a crepe.

“Don’t fuel the Christmas commercialism, it’s hateful.”

The Edinburgh Christmas market sees approximately two million tourists per year, it is held in the Princes Street Gardens and will run until 6 January 2024.

A spokesperson for Edinburgh’s Christmas said: “This weekend was a very busy weekend in the city centre for events and local businesses and we saw our biggest attendance of the season across all our attractions, with over 80,000 guests visiting our Christmas Market at East Princes Street Gardens alone over a 12-hour period.

“We would anticipate similar numbers to visit Edinburgh’s Christmas during peak periods at the weekend as we approach Christmas Day.

“We would encourage visitors to make the most of all our attractions; St Andrew Square Festival of Kindness, George Street Ice Rink and Market, Festive Family Funfair at West Princes Street Gardens, and East Princes Street Gardens Christmas Market, outwith these times if possible.”