Shocking video shows moment cyclist draws knife on van driver over £5k electric bike

A SHOCKING video shows the moment that a brazen youngster pulls a huge knife from his tracksuit bottoms after an altercation with a van driver.

The scenes unfolded in Luton, Bedfordshire last weekend with the van driver attempting to take the bike from the man after shoving him over at a junction leading to the M1.

The pair engage physically in a test of strength before the man clad in black attempted to lift the bike however the owner isn’t willing to let it go.

The van driver jumps in his van and speeds off to avoid the danger that is presented when the blade is drawn.

The clip begins with the pair wrapped up in a boxing clench as a shocked driver films them blocking the path on the road up to the roundabout.

The van driver dressed all in black produces an almighty shove that leaves his opponent laying flat on his back on the ground.

As he goes to lift the Surron electric bicycle worth £5,000, he seems intent on putting it in his van, the bicycle owner dressed in white zipper and grey jogging bottoms gets to one knee before hopping to his feet.

He immediately places one hand behind his lower hip into his joggers before producing a large blade which causes the van driver to dump the bike and leap into the safety of his van.

The knife-wielding cyclist tries to take a swipe at the van and aims to try and slash one of the tyres as the van driver speeds onto the roundabout and drives off the first exit.

The anonymous driver who is filming can be heard offering their thoughts, saying: “Oh my f*****g god.”

The man begins to slide the blade back into his waistband as the clip comes to an end and cars continue to proceed towards the roundabout.

The video was shared to social media last week with the caption: “White van man tries to steal bike, cyclist pulls out knife.”

The clip quickly gathered attention on social media getting 740 likes and 62 comments in just a couple of hours.

Most of the commenters were left disputing whether the man in the van was trying to steal the bike or take back a bike that was stolen from him.

One said: “It’s a Surron electric bike, probably about £5k, people try and steal them.”

Another: “Given the bloke who was riding it was carrying a knife, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was stolen in the first place.”

A third added: “Honestly respect for the quick slash to the tires. I don’t know if he landed it but I don’t know if I’d think of that.”

Another joked: “Chav on chav violence for the chav flavour of the month status symbol, a Surron… Man bag sold separately.