Scots local hits out at council’s shoddy pothole repair jobs that have left street looking like a “patchwork quilt”

A SCOTS local has hit out at his council’s shoddy pothole repair jobs that have left a street looking like a “patchwork quilt”.

Colin Cornwall has reported countless potholes he’s found in Portobello, Edinburgh to the local City of Edinburgh Council but has been consistently left unimpressed by their efforts.

The 57-year-old’s recent report involved a large hole found by a child’s play park on the promenade that was poorly filled in yesterday, seemingly without much care.

Colin, who is the coordinator of local organisation Keep Porty Tidy, says the council turn up and fill in the potholes he reports – but allegedly ignore any other potholes nearby.

The local man was not impressed with the repair work.
The local man was not impressed with the repair work.

Images of the most recent offending pothole show it situated in a paved circle by the play park, where one of the bricks has fallen into the caved-in hole below.

Locals look to have initially taken it upon themselves to leave yellow chalk warnings drawn around the pothole with the words “Beware” and “Careful” written beside it.

A further photo shows the hole post-repair, with a blob of black tarmac apparently hurriedly filled into the hole without much care in what seems to be only a temporary solution but a long-lasting eyesore.

Colin shared the snaps to social media yesterday with the caption: “Well that’s the holes in front of the Pirate Park fixed the Council way…

“Bung in some tar which will no doubt fall into the hole/s in a few months’ time but at least the imminent danger of someone breaking their ankle has been resolved for the time being.”

The images received dozens of likes and comments from frustrated locals left similarly uninspired by the state of the work.

One user said: “This doesn’t look like it’s been properly done.”

Another added: “Where is the pride in your work? Where is doing it right the first time so others won’t have to redo your work?

“Where is the future proofing so no one has to come back for five years.

“Maybe my father taught me a work ethic, who knows, but that ‘work’ is insulting.”

Speaking today Colin said: “The very worst local street is Straiton Place which looks like a patchwork quilt.

“I’ve reported so many deep potholes and Edinburgh Council come along and fill in the one I’ve reported and ignore the two either side which are just as bad so it’s very annoying and frustrating.

“This is a deep pothole I reported a few days ago and this is what Edinburgh Council call a repair. It’s not in the play park but it’s right in front of it basically on the promenade.

“They’ve done the usual council repair which is to stick a blob of tar into the hole, and it will sink like all the other repairs have and I’ll have to report it yet again.”

The City of Edinburgh Council has been approached for comment.