Scots locals left baffled by dopey driver’s vehicle left hanging off pavement in capital city

SCOTS locals have been left baffled after a dopey driver left their vehicle hanging off a steep kerb in the capital city.

The dodgy parking was spotted by a host of locals on Greenside Lane off Edinburgh’s Leith Walk, seemingly abandoned by a none-the-wiser motorist.

The car was left stranded on a pavement, with its front end teetering over the edge of a sharp drop beyond a kerb.

Having had to cross a bike lane, mount the kerb and drive onto the pavement just to reach the drop on the other side, the daft driver has now blocked the way for any pedestrian hoping to get through.

The vehicle was stuck there over night waiting for rescue.

Images show the white Vauxhall parked on the pavement separating Greenside Lane from Leith Walk – a junction no longer in use after the pavement was built over it.

Despite this, the driver appears to have had a crack at going down the steep hill beyond it, but their efforts have been rewarded with the underside of their car stuck on the kerb.

The motor is now stranded, with half of the car hanging over the lip of the kerb and the other half resting on the flagstones of the pavement.

The incident reportedly took place at around 8:30 on Tuesday night with locals reportedly hearing a loud crunching sound as the car’s underside scraped to a stop on the kerb.

Shocked at how the motorist managed to make such a drastic mistake, many took to social media to share snaps of the incident at the driver’s expense.

The images were shared to social media last night with the caption: “The parking on the pavement in Edinburgh is really getting out of hand…”

It has since received over 100 likes and dozens of comments from users cracking jokes around about the terrible parking.

One user said: “Sat Nav upgrade needed.”

Another commented: “Hahaha. What a moron.”

A third joked: “Not the driver’s fault. Signs are not clear, none of the kerbs in Hi-Viz and I am sure that drop came out of nowhere.”

Another quipped: “Should have just floored it.”