Dog owner left bemused after discovering “legend” Scottish Terrier climbed 10ft up a tree

A DOG owner was left stunned this week after discovering that her dog had climbed a whopping 10 feet up a tree.

Bekks Strasser had been searching for her Scottish Terrier Wenny this week when she came across a shocking sight.

The dog owner claims to have been searching for hours with her husband after the black Scottish Terrier supposedly ran off to chase her cats.

However, the couple were soon left astounded when they finally discovered that Wenny had managed to chase them a tree – climbing approximately ten feet in the process.

Footage shows a tall tree at night with select branches lit up by Bekks’ phone torch.

A series of miaows can be heard from nearby cats who appear to be hiding further up the tree.

Bekks moves the camera to show that Wenny is in fact hiding in the shadowed branches of the tree and camouflages almost perfectly in her hiding spot.

However, Wenny’s eyes appear to give the game away as the glisten in the torchlight.

Wenny can be seen looking down from the great height of the branch she is perched on, as the camera pans to show the scope of the tree’s height she has somehow managed to climb.

Pictured: Wenny stuck in the tree. (C) Facebook.

Left bemused, Bekks later took to social media to share the captured footage, writing: “We couldn’t find my girl, Wenny, for several hours.

“My husband went looking and located her 10 feet up a tree, chasing our cats. Man, these dogs’ prey drive cannot be understated.”

The post received hundreds of likes and dozens of comments and shares as many were left bemused by the shocking footage.

Jennifer Snoddy wrote: “How on earth did you even think to look up a tree?”

Van Der Merwe Jeanette said: “I thought I knew everything about Scottish Terriers. I didn’t know they climb trees like that.”

Molly Hunt Forssmann commented: “That’s insane. I had no idea those short little legs could climb like that.

“She is a very determined lass. So happy she is out of the tree and safe.”

Wenny the Scottish Terrier.
Pictured: Wenny the Scottish Terrier. (C) Facebook.

Earle Colridge added: “Well, that’s a first. Who knew they could climb too? They are incredible, aren’t they. I love my Jack.”

Kate Cameron Scheuritzel wrote: “How on earth – and how she looks you up and down like, ‘What?’ Legend.”

Scottish Terriers – loveably known as “Scotties” – are a popular companion for many dog owners.

Originally from the Scottish Highlands, Terriers are known for their short legs and compact size.

However, despite their small size, Terriers are notable for making good watchdogs and can often be seen as defensive of their owners.