Baffled Bradley Cooper “offends” Brits after hilariously admitting he doesn’t know what a Tardis is

BAFFLED Bradley Cooper left Brits and Doctor Who fans alike “offended” after hilariously admitting that he doesn’t know what a Tardis is.

The 48-year-old was being interviewed by Capital FM alongside actress Carey Mulligan on Wednesday for a promotion run of their latest film, Maestro.

However, as Mulligan, 38, reminisced on her appearance in the famous 2007 Doctor Who episode Don’t Blink, she was left speechless when her co-star hadn’t a clue about the show’s famous time machine.

Video shows Cooper, from Pennsylvania, USA, sitting alongside Westminster-born Mulligan as the latter reflects, saying: “I did Doctor Who many moons ago.”

The pair’s interviewer recalls Mulligan’s portrayal of Sally Sparrow as well, as on-screen text reads: “Bradley Cooper doesn’t know this iconic piece of British culture?”

Mulligan, clutching the microphone, continues: “I had to throw myself around the Tardis.”

However, she is cut off as the camera cuts to show a confused Cooper who innocently asks: “What’s a Tardis?”

The question leaves both Mulligan and their interviewer’s jaws agape, astounded at The Hangover star’s lack of familiarity with the famous blue police box.

The pair simultaneously ask back in stunned tones: “What’s a Tardis?”

Shocked Carey Mulligan.
Pictured: Shocked Carey Mulligan. (C) @capitalofficial/TikTok.

The interviewer then jokes: “Wow. You just offended – look at everybody in the room right now.”

The camera then cuts back to a sheepish Cooper who hilariously begins raking in his pockets for his phone, saying: “Clearly I’m joking. I know exactly…”

Mulligan and their interviewer can be heard berating Cooper, jesting that the BAFTA winner should brush up on his British knowledge as he whips out his phone and reaches for Google.

Cooper then quips – while typing into his phone: “I know exactly what – how do you spell that?”

The other two laugh as Mulligan asks: “Are you Googling a Tardis? He’s going to Google Tardis after this.”

Cooper then makes an attempt at guessing what the Tardis is as he says: “The monster where the thing comes out?”

However, Mulligan quickly shuts the guess down as she says: “No. It’s the thing when he gets into the phone box. Have you seen that bit?”

Bradley Cooper.
Many were left in stitches. (C) @capitalofficial/TikTok.

Cooper stutters for an answer, replying: “I used to… when I was a kid, it was on. It was on, like-“

Mulligan then interjects and gestures with her hands: “It spins but when he’s in the phone box, actually, it’s actually a massive spaceship.”

Capital FM took to social media on Wednesday to share the amusing footage, writing: “Apologies to all the Doctor Who fans on Bradley’s behalf”.

The post received over 60,300 likes, and more than 570 comments from Brits left in disbelief at Cooper’s lack of knowledge about the iconic BBC programme.

One person wrote: “Don’t blaspheme like that in front of Sally Sparrow.”

Another said: “Bradley. Straight to bed and no supper.”

A third commented: “I saw a headline that [Neil Patrick Harris] wasn’t familiar with Doctor Who prior to his role in the new special(s) and I wondered how.

“Then I see this. Guess it’s truly possible to not know something so iconic.”

A fourth added: “Ah, man. As an American – granted a relatively nerdy American – I am sorry, Britain. I promise we watch your stuff. please keep making it.”

The official Doctor Who account also reacted, simply saying: “Blasphemy.”

Carey Mulligan appeared in a 2007 episode of Doctor Who called Don’t Blink – in which she played the iconic character of Sally Sparrow who investigates the disappearance of her friend.

However, the episode soon takes a dark turn as she soon discovers that the stone statues of Weeping Angels are more than just decorations.

The episode has become a favourite amongst fans and is known for being one of the scariest episodes to date.