“Fleeced is the word”: Frankie Valli panned as veteran crooner lip syncs

FRANKIE Valli has been panned after a video appears to show the veteran crooner lip syncing his way through a lacklustre performance of his hit Grease.

The 89-year-old took to the stage in front of a backdrop of the logo for 1978 blockbuster Grease for a performance of the film’s title song.

However, fans of the Four Seasons frontman were left unimpressed as a visibly unenthusiastic Valli appeared to mime the tune for the entirety of the performance they allegedly paid £120 for.

Video shows the New Jersey born singer wearing a two-piece suit and black t-shirt as he walks onto the stage, raising a hand to greet the audience before jumping straight into the tune.

However, as Valli – holding his microphone – turns to face the audience, it quickly becomes clear that his lips appear to be moving out of time with the actual song playing overhead.

The Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You singer then lowers the mic as the chorus kicks in, before meekly clicking his fingers as the crowd becomes noticeably quieter.

Valli, who got married for the fourth time earlier this year, holds his arm out as he tackles the second verse of the song.

Frankie Valli came out onto the stage to perform his hit Grease but left punters unimpressed. Credit: TikTok

Whilst in the background, a saxophone player can be seen moving enthusiastically, there is no such movements from Valli.

A colourful background is perhaps all that keeps the crowd entertained during the performance of the chart-topping musician.

Whilst the video plays to a finish, an on-screen caption reads: “£120 to see Frankie Valli badly lip sync.”

The video was shared last week and quickly racked up 27,900 likes with over 1,450 comments from social media users who were brutal in their assessment of the performance.

One said: “Frankie Valli and the four syllables.”

Another added: “I’ve applied for a refund even though I didn’t go.”

A third replied: “Fleeced is the word.”

Another commented: “The silence is deafening.”

A fifth remarked: “Time to call it a day, Frankie my son.”

Frankie Valli stormed to fame as the frontman of The Four Seasons in 1960 scoring multiple number one records including Sherry and December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night).