Scots MSP Douglas Ross serenaded by Falkirk fans who describe him as ‘fat Tory b*d’

A SHOCKING video shows the moment Tory MSP leader Douglas Ross was hit with a barrage of abuse whilst officiating at the weekend.

The politician works as a linesman and has seen action at the biggest stadiums in the country including Celtic Park and Ibrox.

This weekend Ross was running the line at the Falkirk Stadium whilst the Bairns played host to Kelty Hearts in the SPFL League One.

The home side were victorious by two goals to one but it was the torrent of vile language directed towards the politician that caught the attention of social media.

The video shows Falkirk fans not taking kindly to the 40-year-old and serenading him with an expletive-laden chant.

As the game is being played, the fans can be heard directing their attention and singing: “You’re just a fat tory bd.

“Just a fat tory b*d.

“You’re just a fat tory b*d.”

The MP for Moray can be seen wearing the fluorescent yellow shirt emblazoned with the badge of the SFA alongside black shorts whilst holding his flag in one hand.

The politician maintains his professionalism and doesn’t appear bothered by the singing being directed towards him.

A fan filmed the clip whilst watching his side take all three points over the weekend before sharing the clip online yesterday via social media.

Some of the fans can be seen holding up their middle fingers to the assistant referee whilst continuing their chant.

The video gained 1,600 likes and dozens of comments from football supporters who were quick to offer their thoughts.

One said: “Welcome to Scotland. The tolerant nation unless of course you have a different political opinion. Politics and religion best left out of football. Embarrassing.”

Another commented: “Raised in Stenny, it’s not often I’ll say this. Well done Falkirk!”

A third added: “Not sure about “singing” but [I] get the sentiment.”

Another replied: “I suppose he is a Tory, I wouldn’t say he is fat, [I] believe he was born in wedlock.”