Social media users left in stitches by hilarious video of man asking for a bath

SOCIAL MEDIA users were left in stitches after a man accepted the challenge to run around his local park dressed in a robe – until he could have a bubble bath at a stranger’s home.

Tom Trotter has built a fanbase online through his variety of fun and wacky challenges which have included his now well known ‘Run Until’ challenges.

The 28-year-old took off through the park in London whilst sporting his pink bathrobe and matching shower cap and was met with several amused onlookers who blanked his request.

Eventually, the game-for-a-laugh TikToker finally found a man who agreed to let Tom use his bath although he was quick to tell the fitness coach he would only have a matter of moments to scrub up.

The hilarious footage begins with Tom addressing two women in a park and asking for a bath before they blankly look at him confused.

The displayed text shows the challenge posed by a fan which reads: “Run until: You can have a bath at someone’s house.”

Tom approaches the women and asks: “Fine and divine bathbombs, bubbles. No diving. Can I have a bath at your place?”

The women appeared bewildered as Tom with one withering reply, saying: “Please just go away.”

Tom jests as he walks away: “I like it. Bottomless bubbles instead. Loved her tweed.”

The fitness fanatic then continues to wander around the park and finds a park worker who is quick to stop Tom’s request as he says: “I don’t have a bath.”

The camera then cuts to an alleged security guard approaching Tom in a golf buggy as he informs the entertainer that he had heard someone was going swimming in the lake.

Tom, who hilariously walks next to the vehicle as the pair chat, replies: “No, not me. I’ve not been swimming yet.”

The camera then cuts to a bemused woman who asks Tom: “What are you wearing?”

Tom appears sweaty from the woollen garb as he replies: “I know what you’re thinking. It’s a shower cap and I’m asking for a bath. Little bit suspect.”

He raises his arm to show a white exfoliating sponge attached to his arm, joking: “This is an athletic arm scrubber.”

The video then cuts to show a hilarious montage of confused strangers declining his request for a bath.

He then hilariously meets a man sitting on a park bench and Facetiming a friend in Thailand.

Tom inside the stranger's house.
Tom is known for his wacky runs, including previously running until someone agreed to wed him in Vegas. (C) tomtrottercoaching from TikTok.

The disgruntled man retorts: “Just b****r off. I’m on the phone to Thailand.”

A shocked Tom then addresses the friend on the phone and asks: “Thailand? I asked if I could have a bath at his house.”

The friend replies over the phone: “You’ve just had one, ain’t ya?”

However, in a surprise twist, Tom then meets a man walking his dogs through the park.

The man appears unamused by the requests and asks Tom: “You’re not normal, are you? You’re really not normal.”

Tom replies: “I’m not, no, but it would really help me.”

The man finally grants the request before adding that the bath must only be five-minutes long.

A shocked Tom follows the man into his house before the man directs him to a bathroom upstairs.

The man adds of the request: “I’m not happy about it but–”

However, the next clip shows Tom is finally in a stranger’s bathroom, panning to show the full length of the room.

Displayed text reads: “I’m actually shaking.”

Tom nervously then begins to run himself a bath, siting in the water before joking that there is no rubber duck.

He then jokes of his white sponge: “This thing is elite.”

Displayed text reads: “The smell of organic lavender.”

The camera then cuts to Tom quickly exiting as he thanks the man for the use of his bath.

The man pleads: “You’re not coming back?”

Tom reassures him: “I won’t be coming back.

The camera finally cuts to Tom running through the park as he says to the camera: “We did it, mother. I saved you water.”

Tom took to social media on Sunday, to share the amusing footage, writing: “Run until: You can bath at someone’s house”.

The post received 32,400 likes and over 250 comments as many were left tickled by the bemusing but hilarious footage.

One person wrote: “Yes, you can have a bath but I’m going to be fuming the entire time about it. What a nice, grumpy guy.”

Another said: “Wait. The fact that he actually let you, what an absolute legend.”

A third commented: “’What are you wearing’ made me laugh so hard.”

A fourth added: “Generally can’t believe how rude some people are. Wake up, he only wants a bath.”

Tom has previously shared his running antics online of his ‘Run Until’ including finding people with a certain name.