Scots resident tries cheeky attempt at getting bin emptied – despite it being the wrong colour

A SCOTS resident has left her neighbours in stitches after coming up with a unique way of trying to get her bin emptied despite putting out the wrong colour.

Krisztina Szabo who lives in Bo’ness, Falkirk has developed her own unique way of attempting to get her bins collected despite using a blue bin rather than the traditional green waste bin.

The Hungarian jokingly posted a picture to social media on Friday of her blue recycling bin stood outside her home for collection.

Krisztina Szabo’s bin. Credits: Facebook.

The bin has had a new message added, scrawled in marker that reads: “I identify as a green bin.”

Whilst initially written with tongue firmly in cheek, Krisztina explained that her reasoning for the marker was that she likes to post and make people smile.

Krisztina posted the image to Facebook over the weekend with the caption: “This morning please don’t see any gender thing into this. I really just post this to make you guys smile.

“Even in my language there is no she or he or it. We use the same word for everybody.

“Not because genderwoke. Just because my language was/is gender neutral from the beginning. So please don’t get offended.”

The post has been liked by over 3,400 social media users and has received more than 250 comments from social media users who were quick to comment their thoughts on the cheeky post.

Margaret Dunbar wrote: “It’s laughable but I’ve noticed when recycling stuff that it can’t always go in the blue bin e.g. – some crisp packets and the clear pull off wrappers on cold meats and takeaways it was amazing what can’t go into the blue bin when checked.”

Colin Keenan commented: “No need to apologise mate, nice to hear from people who still have a sense of humour.”

Margrit Scott wrote: “Oh, so does the word binary come from the bins then? Asking for a friend.”

John Cassidy said: “I think I might start doing that. At least I’d get taken out every 2 weeks. I’ve not had a date for a year.”

Liz Aitchison joked: “Have you bin doing this for awhile?”

Krisztina Szabo. Credits: Facebook.

However, Jayne Burns commented: “If there wasn’t a “gender thing” in this then there would have been no need to say it.

“Because there was a need to pre-explain you already know the post is not ok. By putting a picture of a bin that is clearly blue and using the word “identify” it makes the point that however someone identifies you see them as what you see. Which clearly is unpleasant to some people.”

Krisztina replied saying: “Jayne Burns I only explained after some people’s comments. I speak English, but I think as a Hungarian.

“And as I stated in my language there is no different world for she/he or it. So when I posted I really didn’t think it can offend people.

“Thank God most of the people found it funny. Only a few snowflakes dragged gender woke into an innocent picture.”

Unfortunately, it appears that Krisztina’s attempts to have her bin uplifted failed as it received a yellow tag which the council refuse workers will place on a bin after refusing to empty it.