Shocking video sees moment daft lad brings in New Year by attempting to launch firework from his MOUTH

A SHOCKING video shows the moment a daft lad brings in the New Year by attempting to dangerously launch a firework – from his mouth.

The daredevil bloke – identified only as Rhys – was caught on camera allegedly in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Supposedly filmed right around midnight, the video captures the anonymous young man sticks the firework between his teeth right before he is bathed in a sea of sparks as it is set alight.

The clip shows Rhys, dressed in Under Armour shorts and a puffer jacket, clenching the firework’s stick in his mouth as a filming friend lights the rocket’s fuse at the end.

The fuse catches alight, and Rhys turns away from the camera as his friends can be heard cheering in the background.

He balances the rocket in place gently with one hand as the fuse dwindles down, before the rocket bursts to life.

Rhys is then hit full blast in the face by a spray of orange sparks as the rocket attempts to launch, causing him to drop the rocket in an immediate reaction.

Rhys tosses the firework to the ground as he and his pals wheel away in shock, with the video ending before it’s known whether the rocket indeed exploded on the ground or not.

Rhys shared the video to social media on New Year’s Day with the caption: “Happy New Year everyone! Just tried to shoot a firework out me (sic) mouth, must be a dud.”

The clip has since gained over 1,200 likes and 80 comments from users left bewildered by the risky stunt.

One user said: “I’m always disappointed with these videos because it never shows you the damage afterwards.”

Another added: “Haha. Suppose the year can only get better from here for him.”

A third wrote: “Average Sunderland behaviour.”

A fourth commented: “Next time you might want to sprinkle your head with gasoline first for a slightly more enchanting result.”