Kelly Osbourne reminisces of New Year’s Eve with Amy Winehouse which saw pair kicked out of The Dorchester for “trashing” hotel room

KELLY Osbourne has revealed a New Year’s Eve bash with Amy Winehouse that got out of hand – resulting in the pair being kicked out of The Dorchester Hotel for “trashing” the room.

The 39-year-old reminisced on the story on an episode of her family’s The Osbournes Podcast, and revealed how she and the late singer were asked to leave the five-star hotel in Mayfair, London.

Kelly revealed how she and best friend Winehouse had trashed their room at the swanky hotel but admitted they had soon continued their celebrations down the street at the nearby Hilton Hotel.

The video begins with Kelly speaking to her brother and podcast host Jack as she admits: “I mean, I had a really great New Year with Amy Winehouse one year.”

“We got kicked out of the Dorchester and went to the Hilton.”

The camera cuts to Jack, who asks: “Why did you get kicked out of the Dorchester, Kelly?”

Kelly sheepishly replies “I’m not saying” before her brother pushes on, saying: “I think you can. The statute of limitations is over.”

Jack then gasps as Kelly confesses: “We trashed the room.”

An image of a messy hotel room then appears on-screen, as items can be seen scattered across the floor.

Lampshades lie strewn across the room and clothes lie in bundles everywhere as hanging pictures appear to be falling off the walls.

The bed looks stripped of its sheets as two bedside tables appear to have broken lamps on the floor whilst a dining table with untouched plates sits in the corner.

The camera then cuts to mum Sharon, who sarcastically remarks: “Oh nice, nice.”

Kelly attempts to justify her actions as she says: “Not intentionally, like ‘I’m going to break this.’”

“We had a party in there and it just got destroyed.”

Further images can be seen of smashed glass on a red carpet, broken furniture piled up and a chest of drawers laid on its side and atop another piece of furniture.

Jack attempts to ask another question, but Kelly hilariously interjects, asking: “Why does it smell like s**t?”

Rocker dad Ozzy then appears on-screen, bemusedly asking: “What?”

Jack then replies: “I don’t know. There’s probably a dog that has s**t.”

Kelly then retreats inside her top as Jack jokes: “Are you smelling if you s**t?”

His sister then pulls her head out of her top as she says: “No. I’m smelling my perfume. Dad, that was you.”

Kelly Osbourne and Amy Winehouse.
Pictured (L to R): Kelly Osbourne and Amy Winehouse. (C) @theosbournespodcast/TikTok.

Offended Ozzy defends himself however, hilariously insisting: “I have not. It’s not me, I swear. I would claim it.”

The Osbournes took to social media last week to share the amusing confession, writing: “Start the countdown and let the legendary Osbourne New Year tales unfold.”

The hilarious clip received over 57,000 likes and hundreds of comments from many fans left tickled by Kelly’s confession and her family’s reaction.

One person wrote: “Me too, Ozzy, me too. I’d be cackling away.”

Another said: “Why did you get kicked out of the Dorchester, Kelly? Also, nice deflection by Kelly. Why does it smell like s**t?”

A third commented: “I love how Sharon is like ‘Oh, that’s nice’ as she learns her daughter trashed a hotel room.”

A fourth added: “How iconic is it that she can say she wrecked a hotel room with Amy Winehouse?”