Brits left unimpressed by Nigel Farage’s moves amid Wizzard frontman’s performance following live GB News show

BRITS have been left unimpressed by Nigel Farage’s moves amid Wizzard frontman Roy Wood’s performance of the band’s Christmas classic following a live GB News show.

The controversial politician-turned-presented aired his last GB News show of the year from Birmingham following his return from the I’m a Celebrity jungle.

The 59-year-old discussed Brexit with Wood before the Christmas legend closed the show with a performance of I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day.

In a video posted to social media, Farage from Farnborough, Kent, can be seen standing on a table amidst the audience and egging on his onlookers whilst 77-year-old Wood leads his tune onstage.

The former UKIP leader then reaches down and snatches a Santa hat from an audience member’s head and firmly plants it on his own bonce.

The hat, hilariously resembling a gnome’s cap, stays erect atop Farage’s head as the Brexit Party founder begins slowly clapping along to the tune.

Audience members can be heard laughing and singing along as Farage leads the celebrations on, with Birmingham-born Wood’s vocals audible in the background.

Farage shared the video to social media last night with the caption: “You don’t see this on the BBC.”

However, social media users weren’t convinced and were quick to rebuff Farage’s BBC claims and pan his dance moves.

The clip received over 10,000 likes and more than 1,200 comments from ruthless Brits.

One user said: “Ever seen Top of the Pops you senile old f**knoodle?”

Another added: “Finally, a good reason to pay the license fee.”

A third commented: “I’d be embarrassed if this was me and someone put it on Facebook. You can’t even clap properly. Why would they put it on the BBC?”

Another wrote: “What, a creepy old man bopping around to some music by Wizzard? Used to be a common site on Top of the Pops back in the 70s.”