Cloud experts boost offering through data partnership

ONE of the UK’s leading cloud software experts has further bolstered its burgeoning offering by striking up a partnership with The UK’s leading data validation specialist.

Eureka Solutions has teamed up with AFD (also known as The Postcode People), an award-winning software provider, to boost its Sage 200 cloud accounting solution.

The new Lookup and Validate Addon will allow Eureka Solutions customers to completely remove human error when typing in vital details, automatically cross-checking and validating bank details, addresses, phone and e-mail contact information.

The strategic partnership integrates AFD’s data verification tools into Sage 200, expanding its capabilities for customers during data input tasks like stock control, order processing and invoicing.

Eureka Solutions Head of Product, Mike Hall

By leveraging AFD’s expertise in accurate data capture, the collaboration empowers Sage 200 users with new functionality, helping minimise manual errors, save time, reduce costs and protect company reputations by ensuring data accuracy.

Eureka Solutions Head of Product, Mike Hall, said: “The partnership with AFD will instantly bring Sage 200 users a new product that will save them time and improve data accuracy. By integrating AFD’s validation tools directly into Sage 200, we’ve created a seamless way for users to verify critical contact and payment information.

“With a click of a button, Sage 200 users can now automatically populate address details, validate the accuracy of emails and phone numbers and confirm bank account details. This will help eliminate manual errors, reduce duplicate records, ensure timely customer communication, and prevent failed payments to suppliers due to incorrect data.

“We look forward to working with AFD to enhance this offering to Sage 200 customers.”

The partnership will allow Eureka Solutions to add AFD to its portfolio of business software solutions, which includes Sage 200, Oracle NetSuite, iplicit and its very own integration tool, Besyncly.

AFD’s data verification tools are aimed at growing businesses looking to migrate financial processes from entry-level systems or legacy on-premise solutions to a powerful cloud-based system.

The partnership aims to make the software accessible and affordable to SME’s, providing SMEs the data accuracy and real-time insights previously only accessible to large enterprises – enabling smarter, more agile decision making.

AFD Head of Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Stocks

AFD Head of Sales & Marketing, Jonathan Stocks, said: “Partnering with Eureka Solutions is an important milestone for us. Their vast client base of Sage 200 users represents a clear opportunity for everyone involved.

“Through collaboration, we’re confident we can put easy-to-use yet but powerful data analytics into the hands of thousands more businesses. By combining groundbreaking data capabilities with Sage expertise, companies can eliminate bottlenecks, save time and costs while minimising risk.

“We’re thrilled at the prospect of enabling Sage 200 clients to not only improve everyday business performance but to realise strategic objective and business goals once considered out of reach.”

Eureka Solutions will launch the partnership and the AFD Lookup and Validate Addon on December 4 and host a webinar the following day 10am for its Sage 200 clients to demonstrate the benefits and key functionality of the addon.

The partnership will also look to strengthen Eureka Solutions’ position as a leader in business management software and cements its reputation for solutions that deliver value.

With more than 19 years’ experience and offices across Scotland, Eureka Solutions boasts particular expertise in Sage solutions and cloud migration.

Founded on the core principles of technical expertise and outstanding customer service, Eureka Solutions is an award-winning firm specialising in implementing business software solutions. It is one of the UK’s most foremost experts in Oracle NetSuite and Sage and is based in East Kilbride.

It works with firms across tech, sport, hospitality, non-profit, wholesale distribution, ecommerce, and other sectors; its clients include Loganair, Kelvin Power Tools, Barrhead Travel, and Western Ferries.

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