Shocking video shows moment youngster runs across busy London dual carriageway

A SHOCKING video shows the risky moment a youngster makes a dash across a busy London dual carriageway.

The young lad was spotted on Watford Way in Hendon, northwest London by an anonymous commuter on Monday, who watched on as he appeared to weigh up how to get across.

Despite vehicles flying past at up to 40mph, the lad can be seen tentatively stepping onto the road, before managing to dart across after traffic slowed briefly for him.

Video shows the boy stranded on the central reservation on the busy A41, looking back and forth as he nervously looks for a non-existent break in the traffic.

The video shows the youngsters daring dash across the busy road.

On-screen text reads: “Bro who let this kid out [of] the house? He really crossed in the middle of a dual carriageway.”

Dressed in black trousers and a black hoodie, the boy appears to be eyeing up the bus that the cameraperson is filming from, possibly attempting to board before it leaves.

Cars fly past before the clip briefly cuts to show a motorist in a red car stopped in front of the boy, who is now standing in one lane of the carriageway.

A van in the neighbouring lane also slows to a stop as the boy takes his chance, dashing across the three lanes and out of sight.

The video was posted to social media on Monday, with the caption: “Kids need to be safe man.”

The clip has since received over 40,000 likes and more than 180 comments from users left shocked by the young boy’s daring dash.

One person commented: “Risking your life daily.”

Another said: “Bless the people that stopped for him.”

A third argued: “I mean you’re allowed to cross. Doesn’t matter if it’s a dual carriageway.”

Another asked: “Did his mum not teach him to cross the road?”

A fifth replied: “At least the cars stopped.”