Scot shares hilarious story of “catfish” date, who promised to pay for skint pal’s meal before scoffing plate of ribs and dashing out the bathroom

A SCOTS comedian shared the hilarious story of a “catfish” date, who he says promised to pay for a skint pal’s meal – before scoffing a plate of ribs and making a run for it out the bathroom.

Marc Jennings appeared on the Have a Word podcast on Tuesday, where he revealed that an unnamed friend had met a woman on Tinder, who had offered to pay for their dinner date.

However, Jennings claims that the pal discovered upon arrival that the woman did not look like her photos and proceeded to order a pricey meal, before disappearing and leaving the friend to foot the bill.

Video shows Jennings addressing podcast hosts Adam Rowe and Dan Nightingale as he says: “I know a guy that was chatting to this lassie on Tinder or whatever and she was like, ‘Do you want to go out for dinner tonight?’

“And he was like, ‘Look, I’d love to but I’m skint‘ and she’s like, ‘Look. I just want to go out tonight. It’s my treat, I’ll pay. I just want to go out tonight.’”

Jennings then recalls: “‘He’s like, great. Yeah, I’ll get the next one then. That sounds cool.

“He goes to the restaurant, and someone comes up to him and he kind of recognises her. He’s like, ‘Oh, I’m just waiting on my date’ and she’s like, ‘Yeah. It’s me.’”

Jennings explains: “This isn’t just somebody that looks a bit different in their photos, this is like a different person.”

“I don’t know about you but at this point, I would be like, ‘I’m off’ if I realised it was somebody totally different.”

Rowe and Nightingale can be heard chuckling in the background as Jennings says comedically: “But he just obviously must have been so awkward and-“

Nightingale interjects: “And hungry. He was going to get a free meal.”

Jennings grins as he says: “Exactly. He orders the cheapest thing on the menu – obviously a gentleman.

“She orders some stuff; they’re having a good chat. The food comes, she orders like ribs and stuff.”

“She starts going to town on it, right. Proper eating like f**k, right? Then, [she] finishes her stuff.”

The comedian then reveals the twist as he says: “She goes to the bathroom and five minutes go by, ten minutes go by and then fifteen minutes.

“He says to one of the waitresses, ‘Listen, can you just check on my friend in the bathroom?’

“The waitress goes in. She comes back and she’s like, ‘I’m really sorry. There’s no one there.’”

Jennings appears to almost laugh as he says: “She’s done a runner.”

Rowe and Nightingale are left in stitches as Nightingale nearly falls off his chair, joking: “She’s f*****g great. He’s like, ‘I’ll have the soup.’

“She’s like, ‘I’ll have the mixed platter for two.’”

Pictured: Marc Jennings. Credit to @haveaword from TikTok.

The other two men laugh as Nightingale says: “She’s eating meat off the bone. She’s like, ‘I’m away for a wicked s**t’ and then just f***s off.”

The camera pans to show the producers of the podcast also left in stitches.

One of the producers jokes: “If she says that, I’d pay anyway.”

The hilarious footage was shared by the podcast to social media on Tuesday, with the caption: “Catfished.”

The post received over 21,600 likes and hundreds of comments as many Scots were left tickled by the story.

One person wrote: “Never go out with no money.”

Another said: “Dinner dates for first date has to be the most horrific thing to put yourself through. Especially if it’s from an online meet.”

One person even questioned whether Jennings was the “friend” in question, commenting: “‘I know a guy.’ Okay, mate.”

Another added: “I’d 100% do this but not to someone I just met. That’s shocking.”

A fifth user wrote: “Happened to me. Girl tried to hide in toilet when bill came. I wouldn’t let her in.”