Scots offered chance to work alongside Sam Heughan on landmark final season of Outlander

SCOTS have been offered the once in a lifetime opportunity to work alongside the likes of Sam Heughan in the landmark final season of Outlander.

The eighth season of the hit Starz TV show, named Outlander – Blood of my Blood, is slated to be shot in the Scottish region of North Lanarkshire.

With expectations high for the conclusion of the series, the production bigwigs behind the show have now offered the opportunity for local Scots to join the team as trainees.

Trainees can expect to gain paid, on-the-job experience in a variety of productions roles on the new season, whilst simultaneously working with stars such as Heughan and Caitriona Balfe.

Fans could get the chance to work directly with Heughan on the show.
Fans could get the chance to work directly with Heughan on the show.

The long list of roles a trainee can apply for vary with opportunities available in accounts, art department, special effects, production and even assistant director.

The production team explain that trainees can expect to work as freelancers on fixed term structured training programmes sponsored by Screen Skills Scotland.

These are paid roles sponsored by Screen Skills Scotland and could net successful candidates between £600 and £700 a week.

With the production taking place in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire though, those wishing to apply will need to live in Scotland.

Outlander is currently the largest long-running production in Scotland with seven seasons already made.

This being the final season of the show means that this year’s programme is the last chance for anyone still looking to get some work experience in.

The deadline for applications to the programme is 9am Monday 27 November with production to start in early January.

Heughan was recently left “delighted” following the announcement that the long-running actors’ strike was over.

The 43-year-old took to social media last week (9 NOV) to share a snap of him alongside co-star Balfe, where he wrote: “wrote: “The strike is over.

“Delighted to be able to work, promote and talk about acting again.”