Train conductor tickles passengers with train station related remix of Queen classic

A TRAIN conductor has left passengers tickled after singing a train station related remix of a Queen classic over the tannoy.

The voice – believed to belong to beloved conductor Chris Edwards – was captured over belting out an alternative version of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody on Saturday.

Filmed by passenger Nigel Harris on a train in Wales, the recognisable ballad has instead been remixed into a version based entirely around Cardiff Central railway station.

Hilarious footage shows Chris in the middle of his tune as he sings: “It goes on and on and on, next stop is Cardiff, my friends.”

The train is stopped at the outskirts of the city as the conductor belts out the Queen lyrics: “Cardiff, Cardiff Central is up next. Bom-bom-bom-bom.

“It’s Cardiff Central, it’s Cardiff Central. Time for our station, stay safe now in Cardiff – our next stop.”

He then hilariously adds in a normal voice: “Yes, it is sunny Cardiff, now we’ve gone past the red light.”

The train then lurches forwards as it draws into the station of the Welsh capital.

The hilarious footage was posted on Saturday, writing: “The singing Cardiff train conductor is back again.”

The post received over 15,300 likes and more than 330 comments from social media users left in stitches by Chris’s unique version of the tune.

One person wrote: “I love this man. I get him all the time.”

A commenter.
Many fans shared their support for the singing conductor. (C) TikTok.

Another said: “He was singing ‘I need a central’ to the tune of [Bonnie Tyler’s] I Need a Hero this week.”

A third commented: “He does the morning commute sometimes. Always perks me up for the day.”

A fourth added: “The train got stopped when I was going to work, and he was ‘Rick Rolling’ on the mic and telling a riddle.”

Chris is a well-known conductor from Newport, Wales, who has written over 70 songs for his train journeys, with a song applicable to each stop.

He has cheered up countless commuters for over 19 years and shows no sign of slowing down his popular train ballads.

Transport for Wales has been approached for comment.