Travel-savvy pals reveal how to do 12-hour day trip from Edinburgh to Dublin for just £30

TWO travel-savvy pals have revealed how they bagged a 12-hour day trip from Edinburgh to Dublin for just £30.

Liv Currie and Laura Kokoszka flew out to the Republic of Ireland last week in a wallet-friendly day out that saw them to return to the Scottish capital that same day.

The 20-year-olds jetted across the Irish Sea in the early hours of the morning, enjoyed a whole day out in Dublin and were still back in their own beds after an 11pm flight home.

Video shows Liv and Laura boarding their 6am flight to Dublin from Edinburgh as on-screen text reads: “This is your sign to do 12 hours in Dublin. 6am, Edinburgh to Dublin.”

Tell Me Ma by Sham Rock plays in the background as the two show off their passports before the clip cuts to the women taking a bus from the airport to Dublin’s city centre.

Liv addresses the camera, explaining: “We’re cold. We’re tired. We’re regretting our life choices. It’s going to be worth it. Where the f*ck do we go?”

The two then take a tour across the city, visiting some of the sights as text reveals their travel agenda: “8am to 12pm. Be tourists.”

The pair pay visits to churches, bridges and amusements before the clip cuts to the two outside George’s Street Arcade as they reveal: “12pm to 8pm. Pubs.”

The girls pay visit to a series of boozers before dancing along the streets on their way to Dublin’s famous Temple Bar.

The friends then raise a baby Guinness shot to cheers as Liv reveals: “It’s Laura’s first baby Guinness.”

The two neck the drinks before making a pit stop at a bakery before dancing off into the night.

The video comes to an end with text reading, “11pm, Dublin to Edinburgh” as the two head to board their Ryanair flight, with Laura turning to wave the camera goodbye.

Pictured: Liv jumping into the air. (C) @livvcurrie/TikTok.

Liv took to social media on Saturday to share their day trip, writing: “Two Scottish besties [sic] take on Ireland.”

The clip received over 42,500 likes and more than 420 comments as many were left inspired by the pair’s jet-setting day out.

One person wrote: “I want to do this but [am] worried about getting too drunk and not getting back on the flight.”

Another said: “Great idea. Gonna do this. The flight’s so short, it’s worth it.”

A third commented: “Firstly, 12 hours is not long enough and secondly, I would be far too drunk to be allowed back on the plane – weekend trip. Always for me.”

A fourth added: “It is cheaper to fly to Dublin from Edinburgh than it is to get the train from Belfast (and on the plane you’re guaranteed a seat).”