Brit shopper confronts nosy parker after being accused of using disabled bay without blue badge

A BRIT shopper filmed the moment she confronted a nosy parker who accused her of using a disabled parking bay without a blue badge.

Jemma Lee claims she had been parked in a disabled spot in an Asda car park when she was suddenly beeped at by a woman in another vehicle.

The 27 year-old Jemma claims that the elderly woman in the car then began to yell at her, refusing to believe Jemma’s claim that she had an invisible disability.

Video shows shocked Jemma approaching the woman’s vehicle to confront her, asking: “Why have you just pipped (sic) me?”

The unseen woman in the car can then be heard replying: “Have you got a disabled badge?”

Jemma confirms that she does before repeating her question to the arguing woman, reasoning: “It’s a disabled badge. Unfortunately, it’s none of your business.”

However, the woman in the car replies: “It is, it’s everybody’s business because there are a lot of people parking in disabled bays that haven’t got badges and disabled people can’t park.”

Jemma appears shocked as she says to the woman: “No, it isn’t.”

The woman can then be heard interjecting: “Somebody’s got to say something.”

Jemma replies: “Because I don’t look disabled, is that why you pipped me? Obviously it is because you’ve not pipped at anyone else.”

The woman then says condescendingly: “No it isn’t. Darling, don’t you worry. I’ve just spent 20 minutes trying to get people to move out of disabled bays.”

Jemma can be heard saying to the unknown woman: “Unfortunately that’s not my fault. I’ve got a disabled badge, just like everybody else. There’s a space right there.

“I’ve got an invisible illness, I can’t help that. So, please don’t pip at me because I have my own s**t going on and you don’t know me as a person.”

The woman can be heard uttering back: “I’m trying to keep these spaces–”

However, Jemma replies: “Unfortunately, that’s not your job to do.”

The woman reasons: “Nobody else does it.”

However, Jemma then retorts: “I know nobody else does it, but it just comes across as really rude that you’re pipping me and assuming I don’t have a badge. It’s very rude.”

The woman says back: “I asked you very politely.”

However, Jemma appears to have the last say as she replies: “It doesn’t matter if it’s politely. It’s none of your business.”

Jemma took to social media to share the footage last month, writing: “Can’t believe this happened today.

“So, for a number of years since my diagnosis I’ve suffered with horrific pain, extreme fatigue, operations nearly every year.

“The past two years my health has dramatically declined, so it has been increasingly hard. A normal day doesn’t exist for me.

“My life illness is now recognised as a disability but what pees me off is old people assuming that I’m not going through anything in my life because I’m not in a wheelchair, or cause (sic) I’ve not got the entitled old person pass?”

The clip has since received over 15,800 likes and more than 2,885 comments as many were left stunned by the pair’s exchange.

Many were left shocked at the encounter. (C) Jemma Lee.

One person wrote: “They seem to think a blue badge means pensioner badge. Sorry this happened to you.”

Another said: “Getting an apology out of someone like that is like getting blood out of a stone. Love how you were quietly assertive.”

A third commented: “I work with a disabled man who has a blue badge. The amount of people who tut at me when I get out the car in a disabled bay and then they see the man I’m helping, and awkwardly look away.”

A fourth added: “I get this all the time. Now, I just ask them if they’d rather see my blue badge or the scar where my internal defibrillator is.”

Speaking to Jemma today she said: “I was driving to the shop to get some shopping, I was running low.

“I flashed an old lady [in the car] as she was reversing out of a disabled space and I needed to go in one. Thinking it was a straight swap, I displayed my blue badge with time.

“As I started walking to the entrance of the shop, this lady did a lap around in her vehicle to follow me to the front of the store.

“She beeped me several times as this point. I didn’t know what was happening, so I had my phone ready on record and then the video happened.

“She assumed I didn’t have a badge because of how I looked.

“I [later] found out the lady I let reverse out of her space after she finished shopping was the lady who followed me to the front of the shop in her car.

“I was insulted because she doesn’t know what I go through all of my week.

“I would be more understanding if she had noticed I didn’t have one but she didn’t even check she assumed I didn’t because of me looking young.

“I have severe endometriosis, which involves me having surgeries regularly as I have endometriosis growing where it shouldn’t.

“I’ve had my bladder, bowels and other organs separated which has caused incontinence. I have had endometriosis found in many other places too.

“I have back and leg pain every day which is a symptom of [it]. I am in chronic pain 80% of my week, meaning I have to take tramadol.

“When I’m in chronic pain, I’m unable to move and do anything. Flare ups can happen at any time.

“I’m currently awaiting surgery, which is a temporary fix until it comes back. I’ve given up hobbies and interests due to my condition getting worse.

“I’m at home most of the time. I’m unable to work a proper job due to my pain and work places not being able to cater due to my random flare ups.”