Brit claims to have discovered “best cocktail bar” in the UK – which is hidden behind a vending machine

A BRIT has claimed to have found the “best cocktail bar” in the UK – which is cleverly hidden behind a nondescript vending machine.

Phil Carr set out to find the Washhouse in Manchester last week following recommendations from his scores of online followers and was initially hesitant, admitting that he “doesn’t like gimmicks”.

However, the dad from Epsom, Surrey was left eating his words as he was served up a plethora of strong cocktails with wacky conspiracy theory-based themes.

Video shows Phil approaching the cocktail bar – which is disguised as a seemingly inconspicuous laundrette – as he says: “This is the best cocktail bar in the whole country.

“I don’t like cocktails and I don’t like gimmicks. So, I showed up, ready to make a stupid little video destroying the place.”

The fake laundrette could have most punters fooled with washing machines, baskets, and a wet floor sign all crammed in the small, exposed brick room through the front door.

Also in the room is a handset and a vending machine as Phil explains: “You walk into a laundrette.

“There’s no one to greet you, you have to book in advance and after a while, you work out you have to pick up a phone.”

The camera shows the white landline attached to a wall as Phil says: “A very patient man on the other end explains multiple times what you need to open to get in, until you understand.”

The camera then shows Phil cracking the code and pulling the vending machine open to reveal a dimly lit stairwell that Phil descends to enter the bar.

Phil reiterates that he does not like cocktails and is strictly a pub and beer man, as he reveals the interior of the var, complete with long plush sofas, pendant lights and luminescent writing on the wall.

The dad says: “So, I arrived at the Washhouse, ready to create the most brutal post I have ever made on here.”

However, he admits: “I can’t. It was brilliant. Yeah okay, quite expensive but brilliant.”

Phil then explains that every cocktail on the bar’s menu is currently based on a different conspiracy theory as he shows off the menu – which is designed in the shape of a stereotypical FBI case file.

Plastered across the menu are photographs of well-known figures in history and a summary of what the related conspiracy theory is.

Drinks on offer include Alien Abduction, Global Warming and Bohemian Groove – all sources of some wildly creative conspiracy theories over the years.

Phil opts for the CasTrudeau – a cocktail based on a conspiracy theory that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the biological son of former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

The cocktail is presented in a dome glass with a chocolate cigar to accompany it, as Phil explains: “It’s hard to explain but the taste did make sense and you got a chocolate cigar infused with popping candy.

Pictured: The cocktail based on the conspiracy theory that birds don’t exist. Credit to @Philc4

“This is a reference to when the CIA tried to assassinate Castro by giving him an exploding cigar.”

The clip then cuts to an odd-looking cocktail with a pale-yellow tinge, which is encircled by artificial grass and a figurine of a pigeon in correlation to the theory that birds are not real.

However, the dad confesses that he instead opted for the secret menu where the booze levels were “weapons grade alcohol.”

Finally, Phil reveals his last cocktail – Chemtrails – which is complete with a figurine of an airplane and a vape.

He reveals: “The final cocktail I ordered was Chemtrails – we won’t go into the conspiracy, but it came with its own specially flavoured vape pen to compliment the taste.

“The drink tasted superb, and the idea worked well.”

The now-drunk dad finishes up his final drink and leaves the bar, confessing: “I wanted to hate this place. I’d seen the posts. I wanted to be enraged by it, but I couldn’t.”

Phil took to social media on Sunday to share his review of the unique bar, writing: “The best drinks in the country? I hate cocktails but the reviews are good, really good.”

The clip received over 135,200 likes and more than 770 comments as many agreed with Phil’s stellar review.

One person wrote: “Drunk Phil is so damn good.”

Another said: “I thought I was so clever and had guessed where to find the secret menu.

“The logo on the front of the menu, the letters in bold spell out ‘what’s up doc’ so I confidently said ‘What’s up doc’ to the waiter and he just laughed and continued with his duties. I am still mortified.”

A third claimed: “It’s an amazing experience which makes it worth the money, but you didn’t find the secret room?”

A fourth added: “But did you find the secret slide?”