Scots left stunned after tiny Shawlands flat goes up for rent listed at £1300 a month

SCOTS have been left in shock after a tiny one bed flat was listed on Rightmove for an extortionate £1300 a month.

The tiny property located in Shawlands, Glasgow went on the market over the weekend features just two small rooms, with one being a studio style kitchen, living room and dining room all rolled into one.

The other room in the property is the single bedroom with a desk and chair by the window and a tiny mezzanine bed space above that appears to have barely enough room to sleep.

The overpriced property is on the market for £1,250 per calendar month with the home being floated by Open Rent.

The tiny flat appears to have barely any room to sleep.
The tiny flat appears to have barely any room to sleep.

Whilst the flat is listed as a one bed, one bathroom there doesn’t appear to be an entrance to the bathroom in any of the images online, setting house-browsers tongues wagging.

The entire home in Scotland’s biggest city is painted teal from top to bottom with themed artwork plastered across the interior.

Many house-browsers were quick to suggest that the home could be used as an Airbnb but has been changed to a rental property by the landlord following recent controversy around the rental market in the city and the Airbnb platform.

Some social-media users were quick to add that there seemed to be a lack of amenities in the flat including white goods.

The flat was brought to the attention of social media by a user who posted the Rightmove listing with the caption “£1300.”

Rental prices across Scotland’s major cities have skyrocketed over recent years leaving many people with no choice but to pay the extortionate monthly rates.

Social media users were quick to call out the value for money on this home with many claiming that the price being offered was of a London standard.

One said: “Alright who let the London landlords in? Also, f****ng SHAWLANDS FOR £1300!?”

Another added: “In Shawlands?! When I first saw this I was thinking ‘Well that’s expensive but I guess that’s what you get in the middle of Merchant City’, but that’s a one bed flat in Shawlands?!”

A third replied: “Not even a proper bedroom either. It’s effectively a cabin bed. It’s a studio flat.”