Scots left baffled by chef’s digs at country whilst cooking up Falkirk’s bizarre “official” sandwich

SCOTS have been left baffled by a chef’s digs at the country during a video of himself cooking up Falkirk’s bizarre “official” sandwich.

The TikTok-based chef, known only as Big Nibbles, created the scran as part of a series showcasing his take on the “official” sandwiches of UK towns and cities.

The social media star’s Tik Tok video received over 14,800 likes and more than 400 comments.

However, viewers were left unimpressed by the cook’s take on various aspects of Scottish culture, including panning Irn-Bru as being “made from rust” and taking a dig at the country’s alcohol laws.

The video opens with the chef introducing his project with a backhanded introduction: “I’m making the ‘official’ sandwiches of UK towns and cities. Today’s sandwich is Falkirk.

“Famous for inventing the soft drink that is made by mixing rust from a public child’s play swing with sugar and somehow making it taste nice.”

The chef then launches into a scathing review of Falkirk’s tourist attractions as he throws onions into a dish alongside a gammon joint glazed with honey, mustard and marmalade.

He says: “Falkirk is interesting, there’s got to be something in the water because for such a boring, sleepy town they’re building some really weird stuff.”

Referencing the Kelpies statues and the Falkirk Wheel respectively, he says: “Two giant horse heads that light up at night and the world’s only rotating boat lift that looks like a decommissioned Thorpe Park ride.”

The chef then explains that he is cooking the gammon in the glaze, whilst also pouring in a can of Irn-Bru to give it a distinctive flavour as he wraps the dish in foil and places it in the oven.

He then takes a dig at Scots’ diets saying: “Of course, it wouldn’t be Scottish if there wasn’t something fried so for good measure, we’re whacking in some chips.”

The chef then launches a final few bizarre digs at the country, claiming: “You know somewhere really isn’t worth going when the Romans couldn’t even be bothered to travel that far north.

“And with that, on top of Scotland’s draconian drinking laws, you can’t even drink yourself happy.”

With that, the chef shows off the finished product – with the Irn-Bru flavoured glazed gammon tucked into a thick roll alongside the chips.

The video was posted to social media on Sunday with the caption: “You’re lucky @IRN-BRU and Gammon is a thing because I would of (sic) never done it otherwise.”

The clip has since received over 14,800 likes and more than 400 comments from baffled Scots who were confused by the chef’s ingredient choice.

One user said: “Apart from absolutely everything being wrong, this video is spot on”.

Another commented: “Never in my 35 years of living in Falkirk have I seen or heard of this sandwich, we’re not really a gammon-eating town.”

A third replied: “Marmalade? Confused in Dundonian. This video is borderline offensive”

Another added: “Excuse me mate the Romans did actually travel to Falkirk, Antonine’s Wall runs directly through Falkirk so please take that back.”

A fifth wrote: “Bro really hates Scotland.”