Brit woman left howling after spotting CAMEL walking along London street

A BRIT woman was left howling after looking out her window in London only to spot a camel walking down the street.

Asia Brown was initially told by her daughter yesterday that she’d spotted the animal out on the road in Chingford, East London but chalked it up as a tall tale.

However, upon glancing out the window, hair stylist Asia was let in disbelief as she indeed spotted the desert animal ambling down the street being led by an unnamed woman.

The clip begins with Asia filming the camel and the woman strolling down the pavement as she says: “Na I’m seeing too much weird stuff today, what is going on?”

The camel sports some sort of saddle and a pink towel on its back as the white-haired woman leading it holds the reins fastened to the animal.

Asia is left in stitches at the bizarre sight, asking again: “What is going on?”

Asia’s daughter can be heard in the background, saying: “See, I told you there was a camel.”

Mum Asia then concedes that she didn’t believe the youngster at first, saying: “Listen, this little girl told me there’s a camel outside.

“I thought she was lying, I actually thought she was capping. What?”

Cars can be seen slowing down as they pass, seemingly in an effort to get a better look at the exotic animal.

All the while, the camel and the lady leading it continue to make their way down the road seemingly unbothered by the attention they are attracting.

Asia continues to chuckle to herself as the woman leading the camel meets with a man dressed in black trousers and a blue jacket, who appears to inspect the harness strapped across the animal’s back.

Asia shared the clip to social media yesterday with the simple caption: “How.”

The video has since received over 19,000 likes and more than 330 comments from users left howling at the incredible sight.

One user joked: “Trying to find a wise man… think they will struggle.”

Another quipped: “Great way to get around ULEZ charges.”

A third said: “Must be ULEZ compliant, I’m not convinced about the emissions though.”

Another joked: “I’d get the hump if I saw that walking down my street.”

A fifth said: “This is something that you have to film or no one will believe you.”