Hilarious video sees wind-up merchant taunting police as officers try and fail to break down door

HILARIOUS video sees a wind-up merchant taunting police as a group of officers try and fail to break down the door to a property.

The unidentified pest watched on as cops attempted to gain access to a property on Union Road in Clapham, South West London in an apparent raid.

However, the officers appeared to be having serious difficulties getting in, with the hardy door standing its ground against their battering ram – leading to some sarcastic advice from the amused onlooker.

The video begins with four officers gathered around the property’s door in the dark – with a lone female officer hitting the door repeatedly with the Enforcer manual battering ram.

The unnamed man watches on from the pavement as the officer fails to break through, cheekily saying: “Go on mate, a bit more power.

“A bit higher, where the lock is. A bit higher, where the lock is.”

The female officer, seemingly ticked off by her observer, stops hitting the door and turns round, saying: “Mate, mate.”

A male officer then approaches the watching man, asking: “Mate, do me a favour – go away.

“Go away. Mate, you’re of absolutely no use, go.”

The man backs off across the road, but remains undeterred, repeating: “A bit more higher, a bit more higher (sic). Where the lock is. Oops, doors not opening.”

The female officer appears to give up for a moment, ceasing her attempts to break through the stubborn door, but returns a moment later, taking another bash with the Enforcer.

The sarcastic onlooker continues to taunt, saying: “Yes officer, go on. A bit more power, a bit more, yes.”

The clip then cuts to what appears to be a few minutes later, with the onlooker now standing watching across a fence as the officers look to have given up on going in through the door.

The cops gather round the window to the property, with the female officer attempting to gain entrance by smashing the glass – whilst ignoring the advice of her persistent botherer.

He continues: “Try hit the bottom lower of the window to open the handles – triple glazed.”

The officer then strikes at the glass repeatedly, which begins to shatter as the man cheekily eggs her on: “Yes, more power, more power, more power, that’s it.

The officer breaks through a layer of the glazing, to which the bloke chips in: “You’ve got another layer – bottom one. Open the bottom one and get the hatches.”

The officer finally breaks through and manages to grab the handles, opening the window and allowing the police entry as the man sarcastically repeats: “Perfect, perfect.”

The hilarious video was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “At this point the person they’re after has escaped.”

The clip has since gained over 2,000 likes and more than 300 comments from social media users left in stitches at the man’s brazen commentary over the copper’s futile attempts.

One joked: “Imagine the person they’re after is the one taking the video.”

Another added: “Can someone explain to me why there are three men standing around this woman, including a big strong man, and a small woman is trying to break the door?”

A third said: “Why is there some 6ft 5 beefcake just watching as she fails miserably.”

Another quipped: “If I were the criminal, I would just open the door to save her the embarrassment.”

Metropolitan Police have been contacted for comment.