House-hunters left stunned by near-£4m mansion on sale with unique feature – an entire jump jet in the back garden

HOUSE-HUNTERS have been left stunned by a near-£4m mansion on sale with a very unique feature – an entire jump jet in the back garden.

The six-bedroom mansion in Petersfield, Hampshire hit the market on Rightmove last Friday, where it is listed for an eye-watering £3.95m.

Boasting a host of stunning features including a pond, more than 10 acres of grounds and an entire guest house, Durford Edge looks a lucrative deal for those with deep pockets.

However, despite its countless selling points, the biggest talking point for those on the hunt is undoubtedly the Harrier jump jet parked slap-bang in the middle of the north lawn.

The out of use jump jet over looks the entry road to the estate.

The jump jet, which was first introduced all the way back in 1969, is nonchalantly parked on the grass behind the main house, where it is obscured by a large hedge.

Incredibly, the aircraft looks to be in remarkably good condition, even sporting its hardpoints where missiles, rockets and bombs would be stored were it still in service.

Presumably inoperable now, the Harrier – which is capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) – overlooks the entrance road to the estate, proving a menacing deterrent for unwanted visitors.

Elsewhere in the property, the mansion is decked out with modern fittings and interior designs coupled with lavish wood furnishings and, bizarrely, even a transparent bath.

The secluded grounds contain a private garden, a large pond, a stone paved terrace and access to plenty of woodland walks.

Meanwhile, The Hollow – the annexe property included in the listing – sits by the pond and hosts four bedrooms of its own, as well as a sprawling kitchen and sitting room and a covered patio.

The property was listed by Savills, who fail to mention the large jet in the home’s garden but describe it as: “A magnificent arts and crafts family home set in secluded grounds in excess of 10 acres and boasting over 8,000 sqft.

“Durford Edge, along with The Hollow, has been sympathetically refurbished throughout by the current owners with the emphasis on light and space.

“The house retains many of its original ideas and features and has been thoughtfully designed with the principal rooms at the rear of the property, maximizing its wonderful position and far-reaching views.”

House-hunters were quick to notice the oddity in the garden though, and the listing was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “I’ll take the house and the jump jet.

“Can’t talk right now, I’m checking down the back of the sofa for the £3.95m (which oddly seems like quite good value for money).”

The post has since received dozens of likes and comments from intrigues house hunters left baffled by the unique garden feature.

One user joked: “Darling, just bought a garden ornament off eBay. If it gets delivered when I’m out, ask them to put it on the south lawn.”

Another posited: “Didn’t Jeremy Clarkson have a plane in his front garden before he divorced and bought the farm?”

A third added: “Wherever they moved to, they obviously (sadly for them) didn’t have room at the new pad for their very cool jet.

“At my age, the thought of a bath with a see-through side just fills me with horror.”

Savills has been contacted for comment.