Famous comedian claims he is “done” with Edinburgh Fringe

A FAMOUS comedian has claimed that he is “done” with the Edinburgh Fringe after discovering a month-long flat stay will cost him £9,000.

Henning Wehn is a staple in the Scottish capital, having performed at the Edinburgh Fringe for a whopping 17 years in a row.

However, the 49-year-old looks to have thrown in the towel after the eye-wateringly high prices he was being quoted for a stay in the city during August 2024.

Wehn, originally from Hagen, Germany, revealed that even something as simple as a camper van on a punter’s driveway would cost him a sky-high £7,000 during the festival’s run.

The comic took to social media last Tuesday to vent his frustrations, saying: “Yesterday I was flat hunting for the Edinburgh Fringe.

“Going rate for bog standard two-bedroom flat for the month seems to be £9,000. [Fellow comedian] Nik Coppin has spotted a camper van on someone’s drive for £7,000 for the month.

“I think that’s me done with the Fringe.”

Wehn’s rant has since received over 3,900 likes and more than 300 comments from users left stunned at the baffling prices being thrown around.

Nik Coppin commented: “I’ll be staying under a bridge during Edinburgh Fringe ‘24, waiting for three goats to attempt to cross, so I can have something to eat in August.”

Henning Wehn was outraged when he discovered a flat would cost him £9000 for a month-long stay in August 2024.

Another wrote: “I used to work in a call centre with a guy who had inherited a bedsit near Waverley Station. He used to make more from that flat in August than we got in our basic pay for a year.”

A third joked: “Scottish hospitality. I live in Edinburgh near Blackford Hill. My two-bed property is yours for the festival in exchange for half a dozen tickets for your show.

“There are house rules – no feet on the seats and bins out every second Tuesday. I have friends I can stay with.

“My instinct is if performers (established or newbies) are coming to Edinburgh Festival and Fringe then we Edinburghers should welcome, host and accommodate them rather than rob them.”

Another suggested: “You’d be cheaper staying in Glasgow and getting the train or bus through to Edinburgh.”

A fifth replied: “Yeah, huge issues with the city fleecing those wanting to visit. This alongside the cancel culture that seems to be happening means I fear for the festival a bit.”

Rents in the capital have skyrocketed this year with average properties seeing a 15.1% rise to £1,477 in the second quarter of this year, according to the latest Citylets report.

In May this year, the Edinburgh Evening News reported that Fringe accommodation flats were being put on the market for up to £34,000 for just one month.

Henning last performed at the 2022 Fringe with his hit show It’ll All Come Out in the Wash.