Victoria Derbyshire shares adorable letter received from two-year-old who visits her sister’s apple tree

VICTORIA Derbyshire has shared the adorable letter her sister received from a grateful youngster who stops by her apple tree every day.

The 55-year-old explained how her sibling leaves a box of apples – picked from the tree in her own garden – on the wall of her London home for passersby to enjoy.

Victoria Derbyshire.
Pictured: Victoria Derbyshire. (C) Twitter

Now, it seems her kind-hearted gesture has received acknowledgement from a young fan who takes advantage of the offer.

The letter details how grateful two-year-old David is for the free fruit, with the youngster revealing that he enjoys an apple a day on the way home from nursery.

The broadcaster from Bury, Lancashire, shared snaps of the letter her sister received, which was tucked inside a white envelope with black writing that reads: “To the apple tree. Thank you!”

A further image shows a handwritten letter, in three different crayon colours, and what looks to be a drawing of the tree by David in order to further convey his thanks.

The adorable letter reads in full: “Dear Apple Tree, thank you for all your fruits. My name is David, I am two years old, and I love apples.

“Every day, on my way back home from nursery, I take one little apple and eat it. Thank you! David.”

At the bottom of the letter is drawn a cute pink heart.

Derbyshire took to social media on Tuesday to share the sweet letter, writing: “My sister has one small tree in her back garden in North London. It’s an apple tree.

“Every day she leaves apples on her front wall for anyone passing to take one. Today she received this.”

The post received over 13,000 likes and more than 230 comments from fans left touched by the handwritten letter.

The letter.
Pictured: The heartwarming letter. (C) Twitter.

One person wrote: “It’s incredible how such a small gesture can create so much happiness.”

Another said: “This is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen in ages. Both your sister’s kind gesture and that she got such a lovely letter back in response.

“It has really cheered up my day. Thank you for sharing.”

A third person commented: “Okay. David may have had a bit of help with the spelling, but it is a beautiful letter. Well done to David’s mum for teaching a child to say thank you.”

Another added: “A ray of light in these dark times, both for the kindness and the gratitude shown.”

A fifth wrote: “This is adorable. I have a two-year-old grandson and I can just imagine the anticipation and conversations that take place every day about the apples.

“Doesn’t matter who wrote the letter. The child is happy and the person who puts the apples out will know their gesture is appreciated.”