Give a dog a home: Kennel share heartbreaking plea in lead up to Christmas following skittish pup’s one-year anniversary in shelter

A KENNEL has shared a heartbreaking plea to give a dog a home in time for Christmas after the young pooch has spent over a year at the shelter with no takers.

Drummer was just seven months old when she arrived as a bag of nerves at the Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.

Drummer sat next to a sign.
Pictured: The loyal pup. (C) Shannon Williams.

Slow to trust people and initially afraid to even let anyone near her, the pup has come out of her shell and has celebrated her first birthday and sadly, her one-year anniversary at the shelter.

Heartbreakingly, the rescue team claim that the loving beagle has had no offers for a home yet and are determined to find their “special girl” a home in time for the festive season.

In a tragic plea online, rescue worker Shannon Williams wrote: “Drummer is an extremely special girl who arrived at the rescue one whole year ago, when she was just seven months old.

“On arrival, she was absolutely terrified of everyone and everything and wouldn’t let us near her for the first couple of weeks.

“We’ve worked extremely hard to gain her trust and show her that the world isn’t as scary as she thinks it is, and thankfully she has made a lot of progress.

“When she knows you and she trusts you, she is extremely loving and affectionate, and exceptionally loyal.

“She is still very wary when she first meets you, especially with men, and it does take a bit of time for her to come around.

“She takes to younger women a lot quicker than anyone else, and because of this we would really love to find her a home where her primary carer would be a younger woman.

“She absolutely loves playing with other dogs in the yard, especially when they have high energy like she does.

“She does struggle to share her space with them though, so she does need to be homed as an only dog.

Shannon and Drummer.
Pictured: Shannon with Drummer. (C) Shannon Williams.

“She absolutely loves going out for walks when she’s comfortable with you, and she regularly goes to one of our secure fields on a long line which is where she’s at her happiest.

“She does have a lot of energy given her age and her breed, so her home will need to provide enough enrichment for her to keep her occupied.

“She will be very scared at first, but we beg that you stick with her and don’t give up on her.

“She celebrated her first birthday with us, and we threw a party with pupcakes and new toys, and we really do not want to see her still with us by her second birthday.

“It’s not fair for a dog to grow up in kennels. Please, somebody, break her out soon.”

The tear-jerking post received over 1,300 likes and dozens of comments from dog lovers who shared their sympathies for Drummer.

Beverley FH wrote: “Heartbreaking. I pray a wonderful forever home is just around the corner.”

Samantha Lloyd said: “A forever home for Christmas, maybe.”

Sue Armstrong commented: “Oh, Drummer. [I] hope you get your forever home so very soon. Not for me as I have two rescues but wishing you so much luck and love.”

Lesley Burrows added: “Oh, please. Somebody give this precious little soul a furrever home, she shouldn’t be in kennels for so long.

Drummer celebrating her first birthday.
Pictured: Drummer celebrating her first birthday with care-giver Shannon. (C) Shannon Williams.

“Could she not go into foster care? I already have two beagles and wish I could take her, but [it’s] just not possible right now.”

Kerry Jones wrote: “Breaks my heart, these posts. I’d have her if I didn’t have another dog and not work as much.”

Speaking to Shannon today, she said: “She was around seven months old when she arrived with her brothers and sisters.

“They were all nervous dogs, but Drummer and her sister Dutch were by far the most nervous.

“They wouldn’t come within five feet of you and if you were to approach them, they would sprint into the back of the kennel and try and hide behind the beds.

“It was extremely difficult to get anywhere near them as they would snap out of fear if you tried to touch them.

“I was their primary carer, and it didn’t take too long (probably about 2/3 weeks) until they started to trust me.

“I’d say it took about 2 months for Drummer to fully trust me, and now I can do anything with her.

“I taught her how to walk on a lead once she trusted me as she had no idea how to, and now she loves her walks.

“She loves her food, so this was the main thing I used to gain her trust, and I’ve also never forced her to do anything she didn’t want to do.

“She does still struggle with people she doesn’t know – especially men – but she is so much better now than she was at first.”

Shannon explained the reason she believes that Drummer has not been adopted: “I think the main reason honestly is because she’s a beagle.

“Not many people seem to apply for our beagles but of course, she does need some experience too because of how nervous she is of people at first.

“It would mean the world to us and more [for Drummer to be adopted]. Now that winter is coming, it’s getting colder and wetter at the rescue and she deserves to be cuddled up on a sofa more than anyone.

“She really has no idea what the outside world has to offer and to find her the perfect forever home is truly what she needs.

“She’s made so much progress with us but getting that one-on-one bonding time in a calm home environment is what she’s missing.

“Finding that by Christmas would be an absolute dream come true.”

The Many Tears Animal Rescue (MTAR) is a rescue kennel in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire.

The shelter provides temporary homes for animals from all across the UK – many of whom have never seen the outside world prior to their foster care.

Despite being in Wales, the kennels are open to owners adopting from across the UK.