Shocking video shows man and his cat being knocked off bike – before police woman “scolds” him for not wearing helmet

A SHOCKING video shows a cyclist and his cat being knocked off his bike by a passing moped – before an onlooking policewoman “scolds” him for not wearing a helmet.

Travis Nelson was out on a rental bike in Farringdon, Central London yesterday (MON) with his cat Sigrid, who sits inside his handlebar basket.

However, the pair’s peaceful ride was cut short after a moped driver, seemingly eager to get through a light, cut past, knocking Travis’s handlebar and sending both he and Sigrid tumbling onto the road.

To add insult to injury, the collision was witnessed by a policewoman who proceeded to tell Travis he should have been wearing a helmet, before dismissing both the cyclist and the offending moped driver.

The shocking video shows Travis coming to a halt at a set of traffic lights, with his white moggy Sigrid sitting comfortably in the basket in front of him.

As the lights turn green, Travis sets off but cannot gain any speed before a moped zips past his right side and collides with him.

Sigrid is subsequently tossed from her basket and comes perilously close to being struck by the moped driver, who initially appears to carry on.

Travis, who is sprawled beneath his bike on the road, quickly grabs his cat before she can run off in fear, before righting himself and getting Sigrid settled back in her basket.

The clip then cuts to moments later after an undercover police car has pulled up behind Travis and a female officer asks: “Are you alright?”

Travis confirms he is fine before the officer says: “You’ve not got a helmet on… I’d really recommend wearing a helmet.”

The officer then checks on the moped driver who cheekily remarks: “Make sure you’re safe and everything before you get back onto your bike.”

Travis once again confirms he is okay before parting ways with the officer and the moped driver, with no further action taken.

The moment Travis grabs his cat to stop her running off, seconds after the collision.
The moment Travis grabs his cat to stop her running off, seconds after the collision.

Travis shared the video to social media yesterday (MON) with the caption: “Impatient, close passing moped driver knocked us off our bike today.

“Fortunately, the police (?) were right behind us, so they could scold me for not wearing a helmet and then leave. First time off my bike since 2007.

“Sigrid is fine; my knee is messed up, can’t ride for a bit.”

The clip has received over 4,200 likes and more than 1,000 comments with users divided over who is at fault.

One user said: “You veered across the motorcycle’s path.

“All that needs doing here is informing the RSPCA because by your own admission you don’t like stopping at red lights but you’re wilfully putting that cat in harm’s way.”

Another added: “I think you’re arguing with everyone for no reason. Wear head protection. Keep the cat safe. You nearly lost him.

“Drive with an eye to everyone else’s safety and you’ll hopefully stay safe too. You know you nearly lost him? That’d play on my mind. Keep safe.”

However, a third replied: “Glad you and Sigrid are okay. Unacceptable behaviour from the moped driver.

“Would still recommend the helmet, though. As an ED nurse, I’ve seen way too many life-threatening/life-changing head injuries from people not wearing them.”

Another commented: “Glad to hear you’re both okay.

“Sorry it happened, unfortunately far too common in London and even the police who’re supposed to protect us are victim blaming. Unbelievable. See you and Sigi around.”

A fifth remarked: “Ouch. Poor riding from the moped there but at least nobody was seriously hurt, and the bike was a rental.”