Hilarious video shows Scots woman pranking boyfriend – by putting up Christmas decorations whilst he slept

A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots woman pranking her boyfriend by putting up all their Christmas decorations whilst he slept.

Kerry McGhee decided to get one over on boyfriend David MacGregor earlier this month whilst he was upstairs taking a nap.

The 30-year-old quickly set to work, turning the duo’s Glasgow home into a festive wonderland just one day after Halloween – leaving her fuming partner to brand it “f***ing ridiculous“.

The video begins with a freshly awakened David walking into the living room, where he abruptly stops as he’s met with the bright lights of the festive trinkets.

As he opens the door, 33-year-old David says: “See that, you better be kidding, I’m not even joking.”

A hysterical Christmas-loving Kerry bursts into laughter as she records his reaction.

David then walks into the room, strolling towards the sofa when he spots the Christmas tree in the corner and says: “That’s f***ing ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.”

As David puts on his sock he continues: “It’s not even funny, it’s a joke. What have you done to this? It’s so f***ing wrong man.”

In disbelief, David hilariously puts his head in his hands and says: “This is a f***ing joke man, everybody in the street is going to be laughing at us mate, it’s f***ing November, it’s November.”

He then looks up at Kerry and says: “Are you working tomorrow? I’m taking that all down.”

Still in stitches, Kerry cheekily replies: “No you’re not.”

Kerry posted the hilarious video to social media on Saturday with the caption: “Tell me you put the Christmas decorations up in November without telling me.”

Kerry McGhee, 30, and David MacGregor, 33.

The clip has since received over 16,000 likes and more than 400 comments from users left howling by Kerry’s prank.

One user wrote: “He sounded like he was about to cry, the break in his voice.”

Another commented: “The leg scratching, he’s full on stressed.”

A third quoted David, writing: “Everybody in the street’s gonna be laughing at us.”

Another quoted: ““You working tomorrow? Am takin that aw doon (sic).”

Speaking today Kerry said: “He was in bed napping after work, and I put the decorations up the day after Halloween after he told me I wasn’t putting them up.

“I love Christmas and usually put them up quite early but as he was adamant that they weren’t going up I done it a week earlier than I usually would to see his reaction.

“It didn’t take me that long, probably an hour or so but I had to be very quiet – although he can sleep through anything usually.

“Usually, I put them up in the middle of November or towards the end sometimes it just depends how I’m feeling.

“I’ve been getting earlier each year as I just love the build up to Christmas and I think the Christmas decorations bring some joy in the cold wet mornings living in Glasgow.

“I couldn’t move for laughing, I couldn’t have pictured a better reaction if I’m honest, but I didn’t expect the video to blow up like it has.”