Woman details “smallest house in Britain” – which measures just 10 feet high and 6 feet wide

A WOMAN has detailed her visit to the “smallest house in Britain” – which stands at just 10 feet high and 6 feet wide.

Lenny Smith was in Conwy, North Wales earlier this month, when she paid a visit to the tiny abode, which is regarded as the smallest house in Great Britain.

Situated near the walls of Conwy Castle, the house has laid unoccupied since 1900, when then-tenant Robert Jones – a 6’3″ fisherman – was forced to leave after the council deemed the house “unfit for human habitation“.

Despite its miniscule size, the property contains an upstairs bedroom, a living room and cooking facilities located behind the stairs.

Video shows travel vlogger Lenny outside of the bright red house, as she crouches to enter by the curtain-covered front door.

Above the entranceway of the house – which lies just by the walls of Conwy Castle – is a sign that reads: “The smallest house in Great Britain.”

Inside, Lenny finds a living room fit for just one person, which hosts a fireplace, a small table and a chair.

The interior is clad in black wood panelling, reminiscent of the designs seen in the Tudor period, alongside decor items like crockery, candlesticks and framed photos.

The room also has a portrait of the last person to live in the house – a local fisherman named Robert Jones, who rented it from the building’s owner, who was also coincidentally named Robert Jones.

Fisherman Robert, who stood at 6’3″ tall, was forced to leave the property in May 1900, when the council ruled the building as “unfit for human habitation”.

Following the loss of his rental income, landlord Robert was persuaded by a local newspaper editor to tour the UK to measure other houses to be able to declare his as the smallest house in Great Britain and save it from demolition.

Incredibly, despite its size, the house contains a first floor, in which is tucked a very narrow single bed which is squeezed in between the two walls, as well as a small desk and a built-in shelf.

The video was uploaded to social media by Lenny yesterday with the caption: “If you are heading to North Wales, be sure to stop by and visit the smallest house in Great Britain in Conwy.

“It is just 72 inches wide by 122 inches high. It was occupied until May 1900. The last person to live in the house was a local fisherman called Robert Jones, who also was 6 foot 3 tall.

“It’s such a charming little house, although I could never live in it, where would I store all of my dresses?”

Lenny Smith. Credits: Instagram.

The clip has since received over 16,000 likes and more than 390 comments from amazed users.

One person pointed out: “Where is the bathroom?”

Another joked: “Don’t tell the landlords. That’ll be £2,000 a month.”

A third user wrote: “I grew up here and my primary teacher would always tell us the story of it and the man who lived there would sleep with his legs out the window.”

Another said: “Wouldn’t cost much to keep warm.”

A fifth user wrote: “Okay but what on earth is that on the table and why does it look like a brain.”

The Guiness Book of Records confirmed the home’s status as the smallest house in Great Britain in the early 1920s.

The home is still in former landlord Robert Jones’ family, with his great-great-granddaughter the current owner.