Janey Godley slams Father Ted writer Graham Linehan as “transphobic piece of s***e” following Brianna Ghey remarks

JANEY Godley has slammed Father Ted writer Graham Linehan as a “transphobic piece of s***t” following his remarks regarding Brianna Ghey.

Linehan has been consistently vocal in recent years for his views against transgender people, and his claims that cancel culture has lost him work and ended his marriage.

Pictured: Janey Godley. (C) Twitter.

The 55-year-old’s latest clash came with 62-year-old comedian Godley after Linehan claimed people were “politicising” the death of Brianna Ghey, who he called a “confused young boy”.

Brianna Ghey was a 16-year-old transgender girl who was murdered in February 2023 by two then-15-year-olds, who have now been found guilty, with sentencing due to take place in February 2024.

The outcome of the trial also comes at a time when the UK Government has made a controversial change to school guidance for teachers to inform parents if their children are transgender.

Linehan fired back at a post made by lesbian activist Izzy Kamikaze on Wednesday, who had been engaging in a back-and-forth with radio presenter Paddy O’Gorman over the trial.

Describing the trial as political, Linehan wrote: “The absolute glee at being able to politicise the death of a confused young boy. They’re despicable.”

Godley, from Glasgow, had then responded to Linehan’s comment, appearing to call him and like-minded folks “hateful horrible bs”.

However, Godley then followed this up writing: “I see [Graham] is setting his ghouls on me – I don’t f***ing care.

The tweets.
Pictured: The tweets. (C) Twitter.

“I’m not scared of him nor his transphobic gang of wullie (sic) watchers and toilet guards.

“He’s a piece of s***e – I have terminal cancer and I have more work than him because I’m not a transphobic deadnaming clackw**ker.”

Godley’s post received over 3,100 likes and more than 70 comments from fans left in agreement.

One person wrote: “I’ve reported every one of his posts about you. You’re obviously touching on a few raw nerves with these trolls. Don’t ever stop being you.”

Another said: “I give it to these losers for their tenacity, though.

“Imagine the world being aware of what a trash person [Graham] is, and [Graham] still continues on with his hate narrative after losing his wife, his reputation and his figure – and still continues with the same hate.”

A third commented: “Of course he is harassing a woman. Naturally. No wonder his wife divorced him and now his whole family are estranged from him.”

A fourth claimed: “I’m still pretty sure like 90% or so of his sycophants are sock puppet accounts he has.

“You ever seen those crowds when he does events? It’s like him, used-to-be managers, a passerby, and four-five people who look bored, reading books, on their phone, etc.”