Moment runaway trampoline is seen rolling down London road amid Storm Henk’s high winds

THIS is the moment a trampoline is seen rolling down a London road amid the high winds battering the UK thanks to Storm Henk.

The unusual scenes were captured by a passenger in a car on Rochester Way in Blackheath, South East London, with motorists watching on as the unique vehicle trundled down the road.

The trampoline rolled along on its side, with the frame acting as a makeshift wheel before eventually being stopped after rolling into a lamppost that thankfully holds it in place.

Video shows the unnamed bloke filming from the front passenger seat as he and the driver wait at a junction to join Rochester Way.

The usual London traffic has been replaced by the giant trampoline though, which rolls along right in front of them, causing the amused passenger to ask: “What’s going on?”

The pair laugh as the trampoline, boasting a green protective net, rolls on by and they pull out onto the road behind it, hilariously following on.

The howling winds carry the trampoline along at an impressive rate of speed and the apparatus looks to have already covered a decent distance.

Thankfully, crosswinds eventually catch the runaway trampoline and blow it off to the left, causing it to veer into a bus stop sign that shakes with the impact.

The winds then catch the trampoline from below, causing it to flip and land perfectly against a lamppost, where it slides down and remains trapped as the pair in the car simultaneously say: “What the f**k?”

The driver then speeds up, understandably eager to get out the way of the rogue trampoline before it manages to free itself from the lamppost and continue down the road.

The video was shared to social media yesterday with the caption: “A trampoline let loose [on the] streets of London after heavy winds today.”

The footage has received hundreds of likes and tens of comments from social media users baffled by the bizarre incident.

One user joked: “How much does it cost to drive it through the ULEZ?”

Another quipped: “Can’t park there mate.”

A third added: “Bouncing through life.”

A fourth said: “We’re going streaking.”