Landmark hit as schools across the country Tackle Maths thanks to Blair Kinghorn-fronted programme

A PARTNERSHIP between Scottish Building Society and Edinburgh Rugby to help school children learn maths has hit a landmark target.

The Tackle Maths programme has put 175 children between 8-12 years-old through their paces by helping them gain practical maths skills, using rugby and real-life examples to show the importance of maths in everyday life. 

From measuring the length and breadth of the pitch, working out the capacity of the stadium and estimating the height of the posts, all mathematical challenges have been designed to encourage pupils to think about maths lessons in a different way. 

Tackle Maths aims to show children the importance of maths.

Launched by Scottish World Cup player Blair Kinghorn, the programme helps to show children that maths skills can be learned and utilised in many different ways.  

Paul Denton, Chief Executive, Scottish Building Society said: “When we started this programme our aim was also to help at least 175 children to see maths can actually be fun.  

“We are delighted to have achieved this ahead of schedule and look forward to getting even more kids involved. 

“Having a practical learning environment coupled with a rugby professional showing pupils how they use maths and why it is important gives them a different perspective of learning and inspires. 

“As the main club partner of Edinburgh Rugby, we want to utilise our position to give back to communities and Tackle Maths has proven to be one of the most impactful programmes  we have ever run. 

“This is a fantastic achievement and I hope it will continue to inspire kids to think differently about learning, both in and out of the classroom 

Douglas Struth, Managing Director, Edinburgh Rugby said: “Edinburgh Rugby is at its heart a community rugby club – working in partnership with Scottish Building Society to deliver this programme to over 175 school kids is a fantastic achievement for both organisations. 

“This programme is all about getting kids out of the classroom and learning in a practical manner. Inspiring and promoting learning is values both organisations share so it is very encouraging to see it take off so successful in its first full year.”