Shocking video shows the moment busker in York is attacked with snow spray during performance

A TALENTED busker was left horrified about being assaulted by a woman armed with a can of spray paint.

Amber Mason had been entertaining shoppers at Shambles Market in York, North Yorkshire earlier this week when suddenly she was the victim of a cruel prank.

The songstress was performing Journey’s much loved 1981 anthem Don’t Stop Believin’ when an anonymous woman sprayed the back of her head with a festive snow spray.

Members of the public were quick to react and go to the aid of Amber who panicked not knowing what liquid had been added to her hair.

The video was shared by Amber, who uploads her performances to social media site TikTok, with text on-screen reading: “Is this something that buskers and musicians have to handle too?”

As the Yorkshire lass continues entertaining locals, she catches a glimpse of the future attacker and turns to watch the woman as she keeps belting out the hit.

However when Amber turns back to face the crowd and commit to the performance, the attacker flashes a grin revealing several missing teeth before spraying a substance onto the back of Amber.

Stunned by the random attack, Amber retreats in shock yelling: “What are you doing?”

The woman has already begun to sprint away from the scene of the strange and random incident leaving Amber to try and expect her hair and back for damage.

Music pours out of the speakers as passers-by begin to stop and aid the distressed singer who is left muttering: “For f**k’s sake.”

Several members of the public offer positive words of reinforcement to try and aid the singer’s confidence.

Pictured: The aftermath. Credit to @ambermasonmusic from TikTok.

As the video comes to a close, Amber has been left shaking and can be heard sharing her concern that she thought it was spray paint with a man off-camera.

The singer took to social media on Monday, to share the shocking footage, writing: “Just utterly shocked by this behavior”.

The post received 42,900 likes and over 1,000 comments as many could not believe their eyes at what buskers experience on the streets.

One person wrote: “I got so worried that it was spray adhesive.”

Another said: “Did anyone notice the lad in the background with the one that sprayed her?”

A third commented: “Scary to think what that could have been.”

A fourth added: “It had two teeth in it’s head. Buskers deserve better. I’ve seen so many videos of them getting harassed.”

A fifth wrote: “Get the lil’ cretin nicked for assault. Hope you’re okay, honey. Do not give up. Love ya voice.”