Celtic-daft Scot left tickled after finding mechanic’s cheeky message in car a year later

A CELTIC-DAFT Scot was left tickled after discovering a cheeky message written under the bonnet of her car – a year after it was put into the garage.

Nicola Stewart had taken her BMW into a mechanics in Glasgow last November after her car got a recall for faulty EGR coolant.

The 38-year-old dropped her wheels off at her BMW dealership for the coolant to be replaced by the team at the garage and later drove off unaware of the cheeky comment lurking in the motor.

The mechanic had left a cheeky message for Nicola about her beloved Hoops. Credit: Nicola Stewart

Nicola, from the East End of Glasgow, only discovered last week when her car was being looked over and a different mechanic found a message reading “F**k the Hoops” scrawled in blue pen.

An image shows the undertray of Nicola’s green BMW as expected, with one key difference.

A message has been left for her by one of the previous mechanics who has left an expletive note on the bonnet’s undertray in blue pen.

Written in all caps, the message reads “F**k the Hoops” – a common nickname for Celtic – presumably written by a fan of bitter rivals Rangers.

When Nicola and her partner asked the dealership about how the message had gotten on her car, they initially said they had no idea.

However, soon after the garage claimed that the person who wrote the message wasn’t a football supporter at all, but actually into motorsports.

Despite the message, Nicola shared the image online last week with the caption: “My green BMW got a recall, and this is what they done.”

Her post received dozens of likes and comments from fellow footy fanatics who were quick to voice their opinions on the tongue-in-cheek message.

One said: “Jealousy gets you nowhere.”

Another joked: “Could be a Rangers fan as it’s in crayon although it’s spelt correctly so must have had help.”

A third commented: “You’ve got to see the funny side, but it would piss me off as well, but I’d laugh.”

Another replied: “No big deal, it’s only banter.”

Speaking today, Nicola said: “My car originally got recalled last year due to faulty coolant.

“While it was in the garage, my partner asked them if they could fit an undertray as the car didn’t have it when I got it.

“I put my car into my local garage last week as my window washer pipes were blocked and while in there, I asked them to fix my temperature sensor and they called to say there was a message.

“My partner called the BMW garage, and they said it was unusual and they would call back which they did yesterday.

“They said that they weren’t sure how it had happened, but I just laughed and said cheeky wee swine.

“I know the part was defaced but it wasn’t damaged, I only wanted it replaced but my partner was a bit more annoyed as he said it’s a reputable garage not a backstreet one.

“If I’m honest we would never use BMW anyway, it was only because of the recall that we asked them to do the undertray.”

Celtic get back into Scottish Premiership action this weekend at Celtic Park against Motherwell whilst Rangers play Aberdeen at Pittodrie.